Saturday, January 23, 2010

Whatever Happened to . . . .? #9

Michael Joseph Lizzi
2nd Degree Murder
Defendant allegedly punched, kicked and dragged his 74-yr old mother, Sophia Chasteen, down the street. She subsequently died from her injuries.
Defendant was adjudged incompetent and committed to DCF.

Demarcus Reddick
Attempted 1st Degree Murder; Aggravated Battery w/Deadly Weapon (2cts)
Defendant allegedly conspired to have a romantic rival shot in the face. Shooter was allegedly Kyle Grayson. Defendant was released 1/12/09 on $50k bond with Home Confinement & random urinalysis. Defendant may not leave Orange/Seminole Counties nor have contact with co-defendant, victim, or any State witnesses. Trial date not yet set.

The State has not filed an Information (the formal charging document) against co-defendant Kyle Grayson (2009-CF-016486-A-O) for Attempted Murder. He is not currently in custody.

Daniel Martinez
2nd Degree Murder
Defendant pled in the stabbing death of his estranged wife, Maria Estela Lopez-Soto, and was sentenced to 27 years and 6 months in the Department of Corrections.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sins of the Father

...He does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children and their children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation. Exodus 34:7

On January 14, 2010 I saw this truth played out in the 2-hour sentencing hearing of Benedict Krawczak, age 30, in Judge Wallis' Orange County courtroom.

Krawczak was charged with 1st Degree Murder and Aggravated Child Abuse in the May 2007 shaken-baby syndrome death of his girlfriend's thirteen month old daughter, Willow Brady. Krawczak pled to 2nd degree murder in September and Assistant State Attorney Linda Burdick dropped the child abuse charge in exchange for the plea. There was no agreement as to what the sentence would be, except that the State would not seek more than 40 years.

The hearing began with testimony from the defendant's father, Ken Krawczak, phoned in from Michigan. Dad requested leniency from the court and asserted that if anything happened to the child, it was entirely accidental. He testified that Benedict sought out relationships with women who had children because he loved children so much.

It's been my experience that many abusers intentionally seek women with children because the mother often welcomes the assistance that a man offers (financial, emotional, and in caring for the children). The more dependent upon him that they become, the more able he is to control the family.

The elder Krawczak stated that his son had been hospitalized as a teenager for mental health issues because he had problems with authority figures. Burdick's cross examination of Mr. Krawczak demonstrated not only that he was out of touch with his son's life, but that he had been abusive to his son when Benedict was a child - admitting to having spanked and slapped him. He also admitted that the Michigan counterpart to DCF had been called against him when Benedict was a child, as well as against Benedict when he became an adult. He had no knowledge of his son's 19 documented incidents of misbehavior and violence since his incarceration in Orange County. His last visit with his son occurred prior to his arrest in May, 2007.

Defense Counsel Michael Nielson presented seven letters from family and friends to the Court. All of the writers extolled his virtues and asserted that he was not a violent person. Yet from what I could see, no friends, nor anyone from his family, was in attendance. Psychiatrist Dr. Jeffrey Danzinger took the stand and based his expert testimony upon an interview with defendant and medical records from the last of three residential treatment facilities to which Benedict had been hospitalized at ages 6 (for 2 years), 11 (for a year) and 15 (for 18 months). After lengthy testimony, Danzinger ultimately recommended that the defendant requires a structured setting and medication because "when not controlled, he will engage in dangerous, problematic behavior."

In addition to the abuse to which the elder Krawczak admitted, Benedict testified that his first two hospitalizations followed attempts to commit suicide. At age 6, by hanging. At age 11, by cutting his wrists. He said, "I've had things happen to me all my life." He recounted that his father had beaten him with a 2x4 when he was 9 years old. Between the ages of 9 and 15 he was bounced back and forth between his parents' homes. At age 17 he was homeless. He subsequently spent five years in a Michigan prison for theft charges and moved to Florida in January, 2007 at age 27 - just a few months before Willow's death.

Yes indeed, things have happened to him all his life.

Yet he is now an adult and must be held accountable for his actions. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear as though his father ever was held accountable for his own.

Heart-wrenching testimony from Willow's great-grandmother, great-aunt, and mother told two tales.

One was of the family's grief over the loss of this baby. And how her older brothers, ages 4 and 9, are coping poorly with having witnessed the defendant's actions that fateful day. Her great-aunt summed up the loss by testifying about how much she enjoyed playing with Willow and that "now all we have is an urn." Her mother shared that Willow died on Mother's Day and that she never heard her say "Mommy."

The other tale emphasized how the defendant parented the children. Willow's great-grandmother testified that Krawczak treated all three children sternly - sometimes forcing the boys to sleep on the floor. Her mother testified that DCF once investigated an allegation that "I do not listen to my parents" was written on one son's forehead.

Prosecutor Linda Burdick reminded Judge Wallis of the severity of the child's injuries by having him review the photos. She argued that the baby was not merely shaken, but held by her ankles, grabbed by her face, bruises were on her torso and back, and strangulation marks were noted on her neck. She agreed that his intent was not to kill, but to silence her cries. She emphasized the defendant's lengthy history of acting violently when he doesn't get his way and indicated that it makes sense to "warehouse" him until he's old enough to no longer be a danger to others.

The minimum guidelines called for a sentence of 21years & 2 months.

Judge Wallis sentenced Krawczak to 28 years in the Department of Corrections and ordered him to serve 5 years of probation upon his release.

Tragically, this young man grew up in an obviously abusive home. Even more tragically, a baby is dead because he never learned how to deal with others in an effective manner.

Thankfully he won't be able to seek relationships with another woman with children for a long time to come. Let's hope the generational curse ends here.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two More Months

Judge Faye Allen took two more months of freedom away from Shannon Burke at Friday's Reckless Driving (Alcohol Related) Violation of Probation hearing in Orange County. These two months will be served after he completes his agreed upon six month sentence for the Animal Cruelty & Discharging a Firearm case in Seminole County.

In monitoring the several hearings related to the Orange County case, CourtWatch found Judge Allen to be thorough and attentive at all times. We were concerned that after the December appearance, where numerous witnesses testified about the sincerity of Burke's having turned away from  alcohol, that any sentence she might impose would be concurrent to (that is, served alongside instead of after) the 6 month sentence in Seminole County.

Prosecutor Crystal Segui was vigorous in her handling of the case. Her arguments were convincing and well presented. Mark O'Mara, Counsel for Mr. Burke, handled his legal issues quite well.

CourtWatch is pleased to know that Judge Allen chose to hold him accountable for violating the terms of his Orange County probation.

We believe that Friday's consecutive sentence sends a strong message to Mr. Burke that the judge was not pleased with his having committed such a serious offense in Seminole County after he had been treated leniently on an alcohol-related charged just a few months earlier.

It never ceases to amaze me how many crimes of violence are committed after alcohol has been consumed. It is not unusual to hear in court that defendants and/or victims were drinking when their offense occurred.

We sincerely hope that Burke continues to aggressively pursue a life that is 100% free of alcohol. And even though it was not court-ordered, we hope he will enroll himself in a Batterer's Intervention Program to address the attitudes that led him to threaten to shoot, and subsequently pull the trigger on, his wife's dog and accidentally shoot his wife.

Alcohol abuse didn't cause Burke to threaten his wife and her dog. A deep-seated attitude of power & control is responsible. Alcohol merely lessened any inhibitions that would have enabled him to control himself. Being alcohol-free won't make him stop any future abusive behavior.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Whatever happened to . . . ? #8

Benedict Krawczak
Defendant pled to 2nd Degree Murder in the May, 2007 death of his girlfriend's 1 year old daughter, Willow Brady. The victim's two older brothers (ages 4 & 9) were present when their baby sister was beaten.

Defendant was sentenced to 28 years in DOC plus 5 years probation. The State had agreed in exchange for the plea to seek no more than 40 years DOC. I'll write more about the sentencing hearing at a later time.

Daniel Martinez
Defendant  pled to 2nd Degree Murder in the stabbing death of his estranged wife, Maria Estela Lopez Soto, and was sentenced to 27 years and 6 months in the Department of Corrections. See Sentinel report here.

Ryan Alexander Conrad
Defendant pled to 1 count of Promoting Sexual Performance by Child & 3 counts of Possessing Child Pornography. The remaining 91 counts of Possessing Child Pornography were dropped. He was sentenced as a youthful offender (he was 18 years old at time of arrest) to 1 day jail + 6 years sex offender probation, no computer or internet usage and ordered to forfeit all property in evidence to the State Attorney General's Child Predator Cybercrime Unit.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another DV Murder Suspect Out on Bond - Part 2

As I blogged earlier this week, Cedric Harp was granted a $5,000 bond in the case where he is charged with the 2nd degree murder of his wife.

Judge Walter Komanski is the judge who granted the bond on January 5th. The defendant posted his 10% (or $500) and walked out of jail the following day.

I found no other conditions (like GPS monitoring or home confinement, etc.) on the Court's Order. The motion filed by defense counsel indicated that the State stipulated to the amount of $5000 plus home confinement. There is no metion of home confinement on the Order, nor is it on the bond paperwork in the Clerk's file.

It makes me wonder if Judge Komanski read the Order when he signed it.

That same day, Administrative Judge Reginald Whitehead transferred the case from Komanski's division to another judge. No reason for the transfer was indicated in the file.

All of this causes me to ask a couple of other questions. The following defendants, also accused of 2nd degree murder, are still in jail. Take a look at their photos and tell me why their bond amounts are as noted:

Michelle Wheeler
No Bond
Arrested 1/16/09

Ocoee police identify man who was stabbed to death by girlfriend

Sarah Lundy
Sentinel Staff Writer
January 18, 2009

OCOEE - Ocoee police late Saturday released the name of a man who was fatally stabbed early Friday.

Jerry Cisco, 37, died after he was taken to Health Central hospital.

Investigators arrested Michelle D. Wheeler, 44, his girlfriend of four years, and charged her with second-degree murder. She remained in the Orange County Jail on Saturday night without bail.

A third party called officers about 1 a.m. Friday to report a domestic incident at the Floral Street residence. They found Cisco stabbed in the upper left side of the chest, police said. He was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Rosalinda Norma Vargas a/k/a Rosalinda Norma Boyd
No Bond
Arrested 10/26/09

Woman accused of killing boyfriend ordered held without bond
Bianca Prieto Sentinel Staff Writer
8:59 p.m. EDT, October 27, 2009

Murder suspect Rosalinda Vargas is in jail, but family members say she needs to be in a mental hospital.

Vargas is accused of stabbing her boyfriend of two years, Jozel Laster, in the chest during an argument in their apartment early Monday. Laster, 51, died at the hospital after Orlando police officers at the scene could not revive him. A judge on Tuesday ordered Vargas, 51, held without bail at the Orange County Jail on a second-degree murder charge. Vargas, who also goes by Rosalinda Boyd, said little during the short hearing.

Three of her six living children -- Sandra Rivera, Olivia Betanco, 30, and Nancy Vargas, 34 -- attended the hearing and were audibly upset to learn that their mother would remain behind bars rather than get into a mental-health program.

"This is not my mama," Rivera, 23, said after the hearing. "This escalated from this man beating on my mama and she just got tired."

Police have not disclosed what they think led to the fatal stabbing, but court records document a violent relationship between the two that often left Vargas bloody and bruised.

Court records show that in July 2008 Laster arrived at their motel room possibly drunk and on drugs about 3:30 a.m. and demanded to have sex with Vargas. When she refused him, he forced himself on her and then punched her in the face, reports show.

She was able to run from the room and flag down an Orange County deputy for help. The deputy noted "a large swollen area" near Vargas' eye and cheek bone and that blood had started appear on her eyeball. Vargas later declined to press charges against her boyfriend for the sexual attack.

Laster was arrested for battery, resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia -- the deputy found a crack pipe in his pocket. He later pleaded guilty to resisting arrest.

In January Eatonville officers arrested Laster after Vargas called police to report he'd been beating her, reports show. The two were arguing when Laster began punching Vargas in the face and ribs, report show. She ran to a neighbor’s house to call police. Officers found a crack pipe in Laster's pocket. He was charged with domestic violence battery and possession of drug paraphernalia.

In June he pleaded no contest and sentenced to 131 days in jail, time served and placed on one year of probation, records show. Laster had an extensive criminal history that spans 30 years and includes drug, theft and battery charges, records show.

The beatings were no surprise to Vargas' daughters, who said they knew their mother was abused but said she could not leave Laster because he "brainwashed" her. They claim Laster threatened to kill Vargas if she left him, and he isolated her from her family.

This was not the first time Vargas had suffered abuse, her daughters said. The 51-year-old Chicago native was beaten and raped as a teen, sexually abused by an uncle and had been homeless. She was suicidal, often suffered from illusions and thought her dead husband and a dead former boyfriend "hunted" her at night, Rivera said.

It's also not the first time Vargas stabbed someone. In 2005, Vargas was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery in the stabbing of her boyfriend of 19 years with a kitchen knife, reports show. The victim, Wesley Contrad Stewart, was asleep on the couch when Vargas attacked him for calling her a bad name, records show. Betanco witnessed the stabbing and said the relationship between her mom and Stewart was never violent before then.

In January 2006, Vargas pleaded no contest to aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. She was sentenced to a year in jail with time served. She also was ordered on probation for 18 months and was told to avoid places where alcohol is the "primary source of revenue."

Stewart died of cancer in April 2007, Rivera said. Shortly after that, she met Laster and the beatings began, her daughters said.

"We love her and we're not giving up on her," Nancy Vargas said. "We don't want her to feel like she is by herself."

All three defendants have criminal histories. Both women have lengthy histories of being victimized by their partners. The man is out of jail after 3 weeks. Wheeler has been in jail for a year. Vargas, nearly 3 months. Why the disparity?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another DV Murder Suspect Out on Bond

WFTV reports that Cedric Harp, accused in the December 17th death of his wife Demetria, was released today on $5,000 bond.

I'd like to know why the judge who set this bond wasn't named in their report.

I'd like to know why a defendant with an extensive felony record, dating back to 1993 in Orange County, only had a $5,000 bond for this serious offense.

I'd like to know why this confessed killer isn't still in jail.

Orlando man charged in death of wife

By Alan Schmadtke and Willoughby Mariano, Orlando Sentinel
5:11 PM EST, December 17, 2009

Cedric Harp walked into the Orlando Police Department 8:30 a.m. Thursday with a confession.

Harp said he thought he'd seriously injured his wife, Orange County sheriff's spokesman Jeff Williamson said.

He did more than that. He killed her, investigators think.

Harp was arrested on a second-degree murder count in the death of his wife Demetria Harp, 35. She was found unconscious by deputies and pronounced dead at the scene by medical rescue personnel, Williamson said.

Deputies said the Harps were separating and that Cedric Harp, 33, was trying to stop his wife from leaving their home in the 1200 block of Ferndell Road

A violent argument followed and she died in the attack, Williamson said. Afterwards, he reported the attack at the Orlando police substation on Silver Star Road near Pine Hills Road.

When deputy sheriffs arrived, they woke two teens who were sleeping in the home, Williamson said.

They told detectives they were asleep and did not hear any altercation.

Harp has a lengthy arrest record that includes counts of robbery and sale or delivery of cocaine, but has been sentenced to jail time only twice, according to court records.

Finally, I'd like to know who the judge was so that we, the public, can let him or her know what we think of their decision.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Neither of You are Worthy of Being Buried in This Country

"Neither of you are worthy of being buried in this country" said Judge Walter Komanski to co-defendants Juan Hernandez-Monzalvo (left) and Richard Morales-Marin (right) at their sentencing hearing on Thursday.

After monitoring their trial in October, I would have to concur.

The co-defendants abuducted and repeatedly raped a 12-year old girl as she was on her way to school last February. The case was a slam dunk for prosecutors, with DNA evidence, confessions, and conflicting testimony by the defendants. The only thing that defense attorneys could possibly hope for at the sentencing was a 25 year minimum mandatory sentence instead of LIFE in the Department of Corrections.

Judge Komanski, after listening to prosecutor Linda Drane-Burdick read the child's impact statement, paid careful attention to letters on behalf of Hernandez-Monzalvo written by him and his family.  Morales-Marin made no requests for leniency.

The judge indicated that there are four things that must be considered when sentencing:

  1. Protecting the public entails sending a message to the community that predators like these men need to caged, like dangerous animals in zoo, in order to assure public safety; as well as putting other would-be rapists on notice that this type of crime will not be tolerated.

  2. Rehabilitation was not likely in what Judge Komanski referred to as valueless lives.

  3. Restitution was not requested by the victim.

  4. Accountability (which is a nice word for "punishment")

Prior to announcing their sentences, Judge Komanski wondered aloud how Hernandez-Monzalvo, whose family pleaded for the judge to show leniency for this good, hard-working family man, would react if someone had brutalized one of his children in a fashion similar to what the victim in this case endured.

He then gave Hernandez-Monzalvo two life sentences plus 15 years, all consecutive to one another.

Morales-Marin received three life sentences plus (4) 15-year sentences, all consecutive to one another.

Both defendants, illegally in this country, were ordered turned over to Immigraion once they've completed their sentences. The Florida Department of Corrections was instructed to transport their bodies to INS because neither of them "are worthy of being buried in this country."

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Seminole Dad Released from Jail

I was thrilled to learn that the father who was jailed by Judge Alan Dickey for non-payment of child support, and about whom I've written several times (click here for earlier posts), was released from jail just before Christmas Day. I thought he would get to see his children for Christmas - after all, divorce decrees clearly detail each party's rights and responsibilities surrounding holiday visits.

I was wrong.

As of this morning, and in spite of her promise to drop them at his house Christmas Day at 4:00pm, the father still has not seen his children.  The mother's attorney claimed that she is living in a cardboard box under Interstate 4 and didn't have gas money to transport them to his house. Casselberry police were contacted at 8:00pm Christmas Day and only left a message on her phone to report her whereabouts back to them. I presume they've never heard from her.

Considering the below-freezing temperatures we've had recently, I would think that it would be in the children's best interest to be in their dad's home if they really have been living under I-4.

As a sidenote, the City of Casselberry came to the dad's home on Christmas Eve (3 days after his release) to give him a code violation summons because his business (which has failed) does not have an occupational license. It sure appears as though someone is trying to make his life miserable in any way they can.

I understand that not receiving child support can be a hardship on a single mom. But withholding children from their father should not be tolerated by any judge. I'll keep you posted on what Judge Dickey rules once there's a hearing.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lots of Smoke, Not A Lot of Substance

Former FHP Trooper James Gilbert was back in court today for a 3.5-hour hearing relating to numerous motions made by his attorney, Neal McShane, about allegations that were made by him in December regarding a supposed conspiracy within the State Attorney's Office. See our earlier blog about this case here.

After hearing testimony from FHP, the victim's father (who was also Gilbert's supervisor at FHP before he was terminated), the victim's mother, Assistant State Attorney Sarah Freeman (who initially handled the case before ASA Ryan Williams took it over last spring), and Counsel for the victim's family, William Jay, it became abundantly clear that Mr. Gilbert's attorney was throwing numerous allegations and constitutional issues against the wall, hoping something would stick.

Nothing did.

Judge Marc Lubet, occasionally appearing exasperated with some of McShane's arguments, repeatedly tried to keep him focused on the issues he had raised in order to conduct the hearing in a methodical manner. Judge Lubet asked him approximately 6-8 times, "Tell me how your client's due process rights were violated." The reason he had to ask so often was because McShane never did provide an answer that "stuck."

The allegations of prosecutorial misconduct were based solely on the representations of the victim's mother, whom I will not name in order to protect the identity of the victim. McShane claimed that the State Attorney and FHP conspired to prevent a deposition in the civil injunction by telling the mother to dismiss the injunction - something to which McShane and Mr. Jay (Counsel for the victim and her mother) had both stipulated. Once the injunction was dismissed, there was no case to be deposed. At this point, Judge Lubet pointed out that Mr. McShane couldn't have it both ways (dismissing the injunction AND deposing the victim), to which he replied that he believed he could. At this point in time, the criminal case had not yet been filed.

It seemed odd to me throughout the hearing that the mother sat directly behind the defense table, her husband (the victim's father) sat in the last row on the same side, and the victim sat in the last row on the prosecution side of the courtroom.

When the mother took the stand, everything became clear as soon as she broke into tears after praising the defendant's 17-year career with FHP and tearfully telling him from the witness stand that she wished he had accepted the initial plea offer of 18 months probation. She complained to the Court that Mr. Gilbert was now facing the possibility of prison because the State's initial offer of probation, and a subsequent offer of 90 days jail, were now off the table because he had rejected them.

Remember, this is the man who texted her teenage daughter several hundred times in a sexually explicit manner!

She felt that it was not fair that the defendant might have to go to prison for his conduct with her daughter over the course of only 17 days. She minimized his actions by stressing that he never touched the teen. She indicated that the entire situation started when she filed for a civil injunction on behalf of her daughter because it was her husband's intent to have Gilbert transferred out of his unit.

Another spectator in the courtroom turned to me and stated "Appalling."

I would have to agree.

Mr. Williams confronted the mother after her lengthy diatribe about the unfairness of it all and remarked that she never once mentioned her daughter's well-being during her testimony. The mother then expressed a bit of relief that her husband had earlier left the courtroom and didn't hear what she had said. She then expressed anger at Mr. Williams' observation and proceeded to attack her daughter's character by telling the Court that she had tried to protect her child from dating the 24-yr old man with whom she was now living. The victim moved out of the home as soon as she turned 18 in August. Judge Lubet told her none of that was relevant and she stepped down.

Appalling. I don't think this woman will garner any support in a "Mother of the Year" contest.

Judge Lubet permitted Mr. McShane to submit what seemed to be reams of caselaw about the constitutional issues he believes are at issue (many of them dealt with drug cases) and asked him to be concise in his argument (it was already after 5:00pm at this point).

He wasn't.

Judge Lubet was though. All defense motions were denied. He allowed the defense attorney to do what he felt was necessary to preserve the record for an appeal, and stressed that this case would not be granted any more continuances.

I think the defendant would have a good case for replacing his lawyer after today's performance.

Mr. Gilbert's trial is scheduled for to begin during the trial period starting Feburary 15, 2010.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Whatever Happened to . . . ? #7

Terrell L Fluellen
Battery; Lewd/Lascivious Molestation Victim<12
Defendant was acquitted by jury of 4 counts of Sexual Battery of Child<12 and convicted of Battery & L/L Molestation of Victim<12 years old.
Sentenced to 25 years Department of Corrections.

Charles David Woodward
Sexual Battery Child<12; Lewd/Lascivious Molestation Victim<12
Defendant was found guilty by a jury on both counts and sentenced to LIFE in the Department of Corrections.

Allen McLacklan
Lewd/Lascivious Molestation Victim<12 (2cts)
Defendant pled no contest and was sentenced to 10 years sex offender probation. He is listed on DOC's website as currently residing in Winter Springs.

William West
2009-CF-001578-A (Seminole)
Lewd/Lascivious Molestation Victim>12 yrs old
Defendant pled no contest and was sentenced to 1 year jail plus 14 years sex offender probation. Defendant was formerly employed as a Seminole County Sheriff's Department dispatcher.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Domestic Violence Related Fatalities in 2009

The following people died in Orange & Seminole Counties last year in domestic violence related incidents.

Orange County: 16 victims + 9 suicides = 25 fatalities
1/16: Jerry Cisco
1/28: Loyta Sloley murder-suicide (James Clayton, perpetrator)
2/28: Ramisha Oliver
3/1: Lolitta Flores
3/27: Brianna Morges-Gress (age 4 months)
4/2: Felix Davila
4/6: Maria Estela Lopez-Soto
4/21: Derrick Curry (suicide)
5/10: Celeo Rosales murder-suicide (Hafeza Adam, perpetrator)
6/12: Keshan Parboo (suicide)
7/16: Svend Aage Ovesen III (suicide)
8/3: Alexander May (suicide by cop)
8/8: Roosevelt Bradley III (age 8 months)
8/11: Ashley Diaz (age 4 months)
8/17: Freddie Spears
9/1: Alexis Franco (suicide)
9/22: Diane Elizabeth Ward
11/6: Elba Ortiz murder-suicide (Ignacio Hernandez, perpetrator)
11/24: Sophia Chasteen
11/25: Palin Perez (suicide by cop)
12/17: Demetria Harp
12/21: Norvell Childs, Sr.

Seminole County: 8 victims + 6 suicides = 14 fatalities
1/27: Anthony Jesy Cabral (age 2)
4/5: Mitchell Moore murder-suicide (Marie Moore, perpetrator)
6/13: Cynthia Wood, Aubrey Wood (age 10), Dillon Wood (age 12) murder-suicide (John Dillon Wood, perpetrator)
6/27: Kenneth Keefer (suicide)
7/4: Gary Adams (suicide)
8/2: Melanie Lee
9/28: Janessa Sandoval (age 2)
10/25: Jerry Wesley Camp (suicide by cop)
12/16: Jeanette Harper murder-suicide (Harry Harper, perpetrator)

Click here for more details on the dispositions of these cases as well as a listing of the fatalities from 2007 and 2008.

Please remember these people and the loved ones they've left behind. Because 2010 will likely be anything but a happy new year.