Thursday, February 3, 2011

Listen . . . or else!

Shannon Burke is back in the news. Thankfully, nobody was shot.

Many domestic violence advocates are dismayed at the tasteless imagery that he has chosen to use in order to attract listeners (and presumably, more advertisers & money). I am also astonished that a Christian radio station would endorse such imagery, particularly with Burke's history of domestic violence, animal cruelty, and firearm charges.

Why would someone who professed to be a changed man (see earlier blogs on Burke's repentance) want to perpetuate this "bad boy" image? In his interview with WKMG, Burke reports that his has been sober 21 months. I applaud his efforts in that battle.

A domestic violence advocate contacted Carl Como, owner of the radio station, with her complaint. He told her:
  • She must be one of those women who'd had a bad experience with a man.
  • That before Shannon shot his wife and her dog, it had been over two years since he'd beaten a woman and he deserved another chance.
I encourage you to let Carl know what you think of his stance on the subject. Email him here. Or you can call him at 407-774-8810.

As Chief Judge Belvin Perry once said at a sentencing hearing I monitored, "I often hear from defendants who find Jesus when they're in jail. It's too bad that when they get out, they leave Him there."

UPDATE 2/3/11: Shannon Burke billboard comes down

UPDATE 2/11/11: New "billboard" on Burke's facebook page