Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Whatever happened to. . . ? #30

The following cases were all dismissed, dropped or nolle prossed.

Orange County

David Michael Huffman
L/L Exhibition (2cts)
Defendant, a homeless sex offender, allegedly flashed a girl <12 yrs old at the Dollar Tree in Apopka

John Earl Huntt
Possess Material Depicting Sexual Performance by Child (11cts) 
Defendant has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years

Karen D Cerezo
Battery DV 
Defendant and her friend, former Deputy Belinda Mills, allegedly assaulted defendant's ex-husband. Mills was accepted in pretrial diversion; Defendant was rejected from pretrial diversion program

Melissa Ann Scivoletti
Kidnapping; False Imprisonment; Force/Coerce Another to Prostitution 
Defendant allegedly befriended the victim online, offered her a job at Wal-Mart, brought her to Pennsylvania and then Orlando with another co-conspirator where victim was forced to comply w/their demands

Neil Abraham Ramroop
Kidnapping; Robbery; Battery DV; Tamper w/Witness Hinder Comm w/LEO 
Defendant allegedly kidnapped the mother of his children from VCC, threatened to kill her family, and assaulted her. See earlier blog regarding this case.

Michael Wilson
Sexual Battery (Coerces Victim) 3cts 
Defendant allegedly raped a woman in a field behind a fire station near Heritage Park

Michael Reichert
Possess Material Depicting Sexual Performance by Child (114 counts) 
Defendant is a former UCF professor who claims a  virus downloaded images onto his computer

Rosa Marie Pou
Neglect Elderly/Disabled Adult w/o Great Harm; Resist Officer w/o Violence
Defendant allegedly abandoned her disabled teenaged son at Sea World's play area for 2+ hours

Marc W Blazejowski
Aggravated Battery; Felony Battery 
Defendant, a police officer in CT, is charged with choking his pregnant fiancee at Disney

Robert Jonathan Walyus
Agg Stalking of Minor
Defendant was a janitor at McDonalds in Oviedo and allegedly exposed himself to a teen at the restaurant

Leon Chisholm
Battery DV
Defendant's girlfriend, Melissa Johnson (2011CF5835) was allegedly attempting to get away from defendant before he was released from custody for this charge. Johnson's 14-yr old daughter was killed in a DWI crash.

Michael Thomas Henderson
L/L Molestation Victim 12-15yrs; Video Voyeurism; Solicitation of Minor via Computer
Defendant allegedly used his volunteer position in his church's puppet ministry to meet and have inappropriate contact with his victim

Luis Gonzalez-Santiago
Attempted Sexual Battery; Burglary of Dwelling w/Assault or Battery; Attempted Armed Burglary of Occupied Dwelling; Attempted Burglary Occupied Conveyance; Stalking; False Imprisonment; Battery DV  
Defendant allegedly attacked a woman he used to live with after she drove him to meet his probation officer

Seminole County

Durand Brown
2010 CF 004144A
Neglect of Child
Defendant, a teacher at Eustis Middle School, was arrested after his 1-yr old son was found wandering alone wearing only a soiled diaper

Jeremy Decker
2010 CF 005223A
Kidnap / False Imprisonment; Possess Marijuana; Sexual Battery; Possess Drug Paraphernalia
Defendant & co-defendant Sarah Hand allegedly picked up a distraught woman, took her to their home, and sexually assaulted her

Sarah Hand
2010 CF 005223B
Kidnap / False Imprisonment; Possess Marijuana; Sexual Battery; Possess Drug Paraphernalia
Defendant & co-def Jeremy Decker allegedly picked up a distraught woman, took her to their home, and sexually assaulted her

Ronald Jackson
2010 CF 004994C
Lewd/Lascivious Battery Victim 12-15yrs old 
Defendant & co-defs Joshua Gibson & Tracy Johnson allegedly gave a 14-yr old girl alcohol & marijuana, then sexually assaulted her

Aaron Floyd
2011 CF 002263A
Sexual Battery
Defendant, a student at UCF, allegedly assaulted a woman he met online at match.com & forced her to go to a pharmacy &  take a 'morning after' pill

Timothy Cash
2011 MM 001091A
Assault DV
Defendant, a Windermere police officer with a history of misconduct while employed by OCSO & Kissimmee PD, allegedly threatened to kill his wife after drinking heavily.

Whatever happened to. . . ? #29

Marco E Brown
Attempted 1st Degree Murder; Criminal Mischief, Aggravated Battery; Domestic Battery by Strangulation; Battery
Defendant allegedly assaulted his wife, poured gasoline on her & tried to set her on fire.
Defendant pled to Criminal Mischief, Felony Battery, Battery and was sentenced to 21.23 months in DOC with credit for 74 days time served.

Oscar Lee Davis
Murder; Sexual Battery WDW; Burglary of Dwelling
Defendant allegedly raped and murdered a 78-yr old woman in 1988 and subsequently gouged out his own eyes while in custody - def has been hospitalized for psych issues for several years. Defendant sued Orange Co jail in 1998 claiming his blindness could have been prevented w/proper care.
Defendant pled to counts 1 & 2, Burglary count was nolle prossed. Defendant was sentenced to LIFE in DOC with credit for time served.

Victor Van Vilchez
Attempted 1st Degree Murder; Shoot Missile Into Vehicle; Discharge Firearm From Vehicle; Aggravated Child Abuse
Defendant allegedly got into a road rage shootout with Louis Davis (2008CF2754) while driving his vehicle. Children were present in Davis' vehicle during incident.
Case was dismissed. Davis' case was nolle prossed 12/08.

Albert Caulie Taylor
1st Degree Murder 
Defendant was arrested as a result of new DNA testing for the 1995 cold case murder of Angela Gary, a known prostitute with whom the defendant had sex just prior to her death.
Defendant was found guilty after jury trial and sentenced to LIFE in DOC.

Monique R Scott
1st Degree Murder w/Weapon 
Defendant allegedly stabbed her husband to death at their home after first attempting to shoot him with a gun she didn't know how to operate - victim was packing his belongings to leave
Defendant was found guilty by jury and sentenced to 25 years DOC.

Demarcus Reddick
Attempted 1st Degree Murder; Aggravated Battery w/Deadly Weapon (2cts) 
Defendant allegedly conspired to have a romantic rival shot in the face. The alleged shooter was Kyle Grayson 2009CF16486 whose case was dropped. Defendant was subsequently arrested for violating PTR conditions in Seminole County, claiming his dog bit his GPS device off his ankle and eluding police for 2 days.
Defendant was acquitted by jury in this case.

Cedric Lajuan King
1st Degree Murder
Defendant allegedly shot his uncle to death
Defendant was found guilty by jury trial and sentenced to LIFE in DOC.

James Hataway
Seminole County 2009 CF 002737A
Attempted 1st Deg Murder; Burglary of Conveyance w/Battery; False Imprisonment; Robbery 
Defendant allegedly tried to strangle a woman who gave him a ride home from a party in 8/08. Def is a suspect in the disappearance of Tracy Ocasio.
Defendant was found guilty by jury and sentenced to LIFE in DOC

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jurors need our protection

If I had served on the Casey Anthony jury, I would be terrified about having my name released to the public. After giving several weeks of my life to the case, and making a decision that one of my fellow jurors, in a statement to the media, made us "sick to our stomachs," I would want to be protected by Judge Belvin Perry.

Watch his comments at this motion where media outlets were arguing to know who the jurors were.

This case created a maelstrom of publicity and public opinion. There is no doubt in my mind that some members of the public might feel as though they need to seek justice for Caylee and feel entitled to impose their own kind of vigilante justice upon the good citizens who did their job. There are people out there who could conceivably stalk, terrorize, or even assault the people who served our community for nearly 2 months, all in the name of "Justice for Caylee."

In spite of all the arguments for "transparency" and "justice," there is no good reason to divulge the jurors names to anyone. If they choose to step forward and do interviews, that's their choice. Not the choice of some media hounds or psychopathic citizens.

Judge Perry is rightly concerned with what previous case law says on the subject. But this issue is important enough to make new case law. It's tough enough to get people to answer their jury summonses. Why hamper the System's ability to seat a jury in high profile cases, or other less publicized but potentially threatening to juror cases?

With the abundance of personal information that's available to anyone with an internet connection, our Courts need to protect jurors from those who might be unhappy with their verdict - whether it's a high profile case or one that never made the news.

See also this interview with the jury foreman, who wishes to remain anonymous.