Saturday, May 9, 2009

Attempted Murderer Gets 15 Years Prison

Michael Stalling, who pled no contest in March to attempting to murder his wife and subsequently cut off his GPS monitor and fled prior to sentencing in April, appeared before Judge John Adams yesterday. Stalling apologized to the Court for his failure to appear, citing that he was depressed and frightened about having to go to prison. He thanked the judge for permitting him to spend some time with his ailing mother after the plea in March. He expressed regret for putting his family through this whole ordeal. What was missing, however, was an apology for having committed the offense of stabbing his wife six times.

Stalling's original plea agreement called for him to serve 8 years in prison. His attorney, Evellen Jewett did an admirable job of presenting his case. But in the end, Judge Adams sentenced him to 15 years - and emphasized that the "extra" 7 years were not because he failed to appear, but because his crime was unacceptable. He concurred with the State Attorney's position that the only reason the victim was not mortally wounded was because she is a large (fleshy) woman and the knife did not hit any major organs or blood vessels.

Kudos to Judge John Adams.

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