Monday, June 1, 2009

Stalking Firefighter Gets His Gun Returned

Last year Derek Lennon, an Orlando firefighter, got a huge break from Judge Jerry Brewer after being convicted by a jury for misdemeanor stalking. See WFTV's report at the time:

Today Judge Michael Murphy returned Lennon's firearm to him, over the objections of the Orange County Sheriff's Department and the State Attorney's Office. The judge granted his motion because adjudication had been withheld by Judge Brewer in February 2008 - in spite of the fact that a jury had adjudicated him guilty!

Lennon, at the time of trial, even had the gall to ask whether or not the GPS device that he planted on his ex-wife's car could be returned to him. Even in the subsequent civil injunction hearings, he attempted to avoid complying with court-ordered psychological evaluations and Batterers' Intervention requirements.

CourtWatch is concerned for his victim's safety now that he has completed his probation and is no longer under supervision of the Court. We can only hope that he has learned a valuable lesson and he refrains from further criminal behavior.

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