Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Defendant Takes Advantage of Opportunity to Re-Assault His Victim

Last week, defendant Kyle Duffee admitted to a violating his probation in a VOP hearing before Judge Michael Murphy in case 2008MM13931 (he originally pled to a 12/10/08 offense of violating an injunction). His probation officer subsequently filed an affadavit of violation because the defendant had failed to undergo substance abuse evaluation & treatment, enter & complete Batterers’ Intervention Program, and he tested positive for marijuana.

Judge Murphy sentenced the defendant to 365 days jail, with the promise that he would suspend all but 90 days if he returned the following week (i.e., today) to turn himself in.  That night, Mr. Duffee committed a domestic battery by strangulation assault (new case 2009CF14471) against his victim.

Mr. Duffee returned today, but he was already in a jail jumpsuit and chains. He is being held on no bond in the felony case. Certainly, at this point, Judge Murphy would give him 365 days in jail, wouldn't he? Wouldn't you?

Apparently, he chose to stick to his original sentence of 90 days, saying he had no legal authority to revoke his sentence. 

Judge Murphy is a man of his word. Usually I find that an admirable quality. In a situation like this however, it is anything but.

I think I understand why Mr. Duffee is smirking in his mugshot.


  1. What the hell!! It just gets worse

  2. Ouch... that does sting... but, I can understand that the judge was judging based on the case at hand, and not the new case. As hard as that is to wrap ones mind around, that is fair, and that is just.

    As I child, I hated being punished in manners like this. My mistakes and punishments were completed unrelated to my originally error and punishment. It was a never ending cycling.

    I now hate it when I see a childs parent reward a child and then take the reward away because they did something else wrong.

    He will be punished, and I believe his punishment will be much greater.

    When I look at it objectively, I can understand and respect the judges ability to keep this jerks actions seperated, I can realize that he will get what is coming to him...

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  4. kyle duffee is my cousin and hes a good father a hard worker and I have never seen him treat any women bad, actually hes called me before crying with his girlfriend in the back ground cussing and yelling...So there is two sides to a story, I know there are men out there that hit women and I think they are terrible people, but my cousin is not one of them.

  5. Kyle Duffee is a family member of mine and what I am reading on this web site is boggus. There are two side to every story and maybe whoever started this web site should get the whole story before publishing. Many of times Kyle has been assaulted by the accused women and never has the law done anything to these women. The girl falsely accusing Kyle of strangling her should come forward and tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I think she should have to take a lie detector test. My prayers are with Kyle Duffee and I think the Lord will handle this case from here on out.

  6. This is kyle duffee writing this comment and i would like to start out by first saying i think what you are doing is wrong and slander in every form of the word. You have made me out to be something i am not and posted this blog up about me with out geting my side of the story or at least notifing me and gettin my consent in the first place. You have made me out to be some kind of monster for violating my probation. which i only had 30 days left to go on a year sentence. in that time i was made to jump through hoops on a weekly basis while on probation. so it wasn't like i just didn't do what was asked of me. every week the officer was telling me to do something different and miss leading in every way. but that is not the issue i am writeing about now is it?? it seems to me that you are atacking my character and my good name by posting this blog. the so called victom in this case is not the same person that i violated the injuction on to set that stright they are 2 (two) different people. the person involved in this case is a old girlfriend that was upset at me because i moved on and didnt want anything to do with her anymore. also she had came to my house and broke windows in my house that i called the police about it and was told that because my blinds where down and didnt SEE her break the window that nothing could be done. wouldnt even allow me to file a statment even though when the window broke i ran to the front of the house and seen her running through my front yard and jumping into her truck. where is this so called victoms protection that you talk about in that case??? also she had been stalking me for months i.e phone calls random visits to my house(uninvited)just days before this happened and when i went to get a injuction was told i needed 3 police reports.. um yea that makes no sence to me what about you??? so all im trying to say is maybe you should get all the facts in a case before you go and do a report about someone like this. also for the record i have never put my hands on a female like you have so discribed and wouldnt for that matter.. im more of a man than that. im a family man all the way and dont even condone yelling(verbale argueing) in front my son for that matter. this will all come out in the end and GOD will see to it that the truth comes out. so untill then please confirm with me before you post a blog up of this nature........especially about me....Thank you

  7. I have Dated Kyle Duffee before, He Never was so upset that he would even think about putting his hands on me, nor any other women in that factor!! He is a good, Noble and hard working man!! I dont think this Woman should be putting someone that they dont even know out in the dirt like that and not know them personally. This Woman is still having trouble dealing with her past, that she shuts down every one in these cases and feels for the woman in the case. I think that is a bit sexiest.

  8. Kyle Duffee is a worthless piece of crap. I gave him a place to stay when no one else would. How was I thanked? While I was gone one day, he stole all of my jewelry, my computers, and my husband's coin collection...approx. $20,000, and took off. I don't know if he abuses women or not, but he is a thief. Yes, I filed a police report but was told that there was nothing they could do because I allowed him to stay with me, it was considered his residence so no burglary was committed. I hope he rots in hell.