Saturday, May 22, 2010

Would You Try to Help a Battered Woman?

This is a fascinating hidden camera report by ABC News:

Part 1: Diners rush to aid bruised woman and stand up to abusive boyfriend.

Part 2: When bruised woman wears low-cut dress, will people intervene?

How many people stepped up and helped a woman in distress? Does the instinct for self-preservation win? Does race make a difference in how total strangers respond? How does her attire impact the assumptions and decisions we make about intervening?

I hope you take the time to watch both videos and consider how you might respond if faced with a similar situation. When we decide how to respond before being faced with a scenario like this, we're more likely to respond effectively.

Domestic violence should never engender a "none of my business" attitude in the community.

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  1. In many states the old law states that those (whomever) under assault and in grave danger can and should be protected. Physi9cal contact with the assailant is not required for the most part...