Monday, August 16, 2010

Whatever happened to. . . ? #22

Robert James Markward
2009-CF-005220-A (Seminole)
Promote Sexual Performance by Child (50cts); Possess Material Depicting Sexual Conduct by Child (28 cts)
Defendant is an Orange County firefighter who pled guilty to 10 counts of Promoting Sexual Performance by Child. All other counts were dropped. Defendant was sentenced to 5 years sex offender probation. It is unknown if he is still employed by Orange County.

John Allen Murphy
2006-CF-016074-A-O (Orange)
1st Degree Murder; Aggravated Child Abuse; Sexual Battery Child<12 (2cts)
Defendant admitted to slamming his 15mo old daughter into the side of shower stall, tried to revive her & then took her to hospital where she was pronounced dead from blunt force trauma. Defendant pled to 1st Degree Murder and was sentenced to LIFE. The other charges were dismissed.

Robert Ratliff
2010-CF-000348-A-O (Orange)
1st Degree Murder w/Firearm
Defendant initially told deputies his wife had been killed in a home invasion, but later admitted shooting her accidentally after an argument. The couple's two small children were in the residence at the time of the shooting. Defendant pled no contest to 2nd Degree Murder and was sentenced to 30 years in DOC.

Gabriel Castro
2010-CF-004342-A-O (Orange)
Aggravated Stalking w/Credible Threat (5cts)
Victim received several anonymous notes outside & inside her home that the writer was watching her, & threatening to sexually assault her. Defendant is related to victim & allegedly confessed to sending the notes. Victim's request for an injunction was denied by Judge Sally Kest in April, 2010. Defendant pled to 2 counts and was sentenced to 9 months in jail, 4 years supervised probation, to have no contact with the victim, undergo psychosexual evaluation/treatment, 200 hours community service and to complete the following classes: impulse control & anger management.

Otis Gary Ford
2010-CF-007287-A-O (Orange)
False Imprisonment; Battery; Resist Officer - Interfere w/LEO
Defendant allegedly beat the mother of his 4 children so badly that there was bloodspatter on the walls, and threatened to kill her & cut off her head. He has been arrested twice for homicide and pled to battery & aggravated assault. He has twice escaped in the past. Defendant pled to misdemeanor battery and was sentenced to 68 days in jail with credit for 68 days time served, 297 days of probation, Batterer's Intervention Program, and to have no hostile contact with the victim.

Robert Lee Hart
2010-CF-000607-A-O (Orange)
Neglect Child Causing Harm/Disability; Possess Firearm by Convicted Felon; Culpable Negligence
Defendant's son allegedly used defendant's weapon to accidentally shoot his 10-yr old cousin in the mouth. A jury found Hart not guilty of Child Neglect but convicted him of the other two counts. He was sentenced to 8 years in DOC.

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