Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whatever happened to . . . ? #24

Wilfred Bowens
Attempted 1st Deg Murder (3cts); Arson of Dwelling
Defendant allegedly burned the home where he was renting a room when the owners asked him to leave after he allegedly made sexual advances toward their daughter.
Defendant was acquitted by a jury.

Bobby-Lamar Marquise Sims
Possess Controlled Substance; Neglect of Child
Defendant allegedly left his 6-yr and 4-mo old children alone w/crack & razor blades within reach. Co-defendant Tiffany Lewis (the mother) is an Orange Co Corrections Officer.
No Information Notice was filed - case dropped/abandoned

Tiffany L Lewis
Neglect of Child; Possess Cocaine w/Intent to Sell; Accessory After the Fact
Defendant allegedly left her 6-yr and 4-mo old children w/crack & razor blades within reach. Defendant is an Orange Co Corrections Officer.
No Information Notice was filed - case dropped/abandoned

Edwin Antonio-Rafael Cintron
2009-CF-017856-A-O (4/1/09)
Sexual Battery; L/L Molestation
Defendant allegedly raped a 13-yr old girl in the dugout at a baseball field
2009-CF-010302-A-O (7/1/08)
2009-CF-008804-A-O (4/15/09)
2009-CF-009034-A-O (6/19/09)
Lewd/Lascivious Molestation Victim 12-15 yrs old (3 counts); Lewd/Lascivious Molestation Victim<12 years old
Defendant allegedly molested several victims during sleepovers at the family home in Conway Oaks in the above cases
Defendant pled to one count in each case and was sentenced to a total of 12 years DOC + 13 years sex offender probation and was designated as a sex predator by the Court.

Albert T Brooks
Aggravated Battery w/Deadly Weapon; Robbery; Robbery w/Weapon
Defendant allegedly tortured sexual predator (Albert Weisman) w/an aerosal can & cigarette lighter because he thought Weisman was an undercover law enforcement officer (Weisman was lured w/promises of a young prostitute).
Case was nolle prossed (dropped).

Lana Pauline White
Aggravated Battery w/Deadly Weapon (DV)
Defendant allegedly shoved, threw a butter knife at, and hit another woman as she was packing to leave their apartment. The victim allegedly threatened the defendant with scissors and knives.
No Information Notice was filed - case dropped/abandoned

Somele Jean Calixte
Aggravated Child Neglect; Possess Firearm by Convicted Felon; Culpable Negligence; Improper Exhibition of Firearm
Defendant allegedly shot his girlfriend's (Arkeisha Perez 2009MM13037) 5-yr old daugther accidentally - victim's mother initially claimed her 4-yr old was the shooter.
Defendant pled no contest to Aggravated Child Neglect & Culpable Negligence and was sentenced to 10 months jail w/credit for 277 days time served; 1 year probation; no weapons; no unsupervised contact with the victim. The victim's mother may not act as supervisor. Perez previously pled to Perjury and was sentenced to 6 months probation and ordered to complete a parenting class.

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