Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whatever happened to. . . ? #27

Brian Richard Kloosterman
Aggravated Child Neglect
Defendant's nanny videotaped him allegedly abusing an adopted son.  Defendant pled 3/30/09 & was adjudicated guilty & sentenced to 2 days jail + 2yrs probation
Probation was terminated on 10/11/10 by Judge Wallis.

Rosalind Louie Watts-Kinsler
Aggravated Assault w/Deadly Weapon
Defendant allegedly armed herself w/a sword, confronted her boyfriend at a friend's home - the friend pointed a gun at defendant who hit his hand & accidentally shot defendant's boyfriend, killing him.
Jury found defendant guilty. Judge Komanski sentenced defendant to 87 days jail w/credit for 87 days time served, 5 years probation & 125 hours of community service.

Jose Concepcion
Lewd/Lascivious Molestation; Sexual Activity w/Child
Defendant originally was charged w/600 counts of sexual crimes on a child, pled 8/02 to 4 counts and was sentenced to 5y DOC + 10y probation.
Defendant pled 10/19/10 to violation of probation and was sentenced by Judge Blackwell to 25 yrs in the Department of Corrections.

Patrick Laster
Defendant has 48 priors in Orange County & is also charged with violating terms of release of this case (see 2010MM9329).
Jury found defendant guilty. Judge Murphy sentenced him to 5 days jail with credit for 5 days time served, 259 days probation, Batterer's Intervention Program. Victim did not want defendant to go to jail.

Hernan Jose Lara
Unlawful Possession of Materials Depicting Sexual Performance by Child (50cts)
Defendant pled no contest to all 50 counts and was sentenced to 5 years DOC with 4 years suspended, 24 months community control, 3 years sex offender probation, psycho/sexual evaluation, no computer or internet permitted, no contact with any child under 18 years old.

King Solomon Ware
Sexual Activity w/Child (2cts); Lewd Act Upon Child; L/L Molestation
Jury found defendant guilty of all counts. Judge McDonald sentenced defendant to LIFE in DOC.

Edward McClain Jr
Attempted 1st Degree Murder
Defendant allegedly doused his girlfriend w/lighter fluid & threatened to set her on fire
Defendant pled no contest, was adjudicated guilty and sentenced to 154 days jail with credit for 154 days time served, 5 years probation, 100 hours community service, undergo substance abuse evaluation, Batterer's Intervention Program, and have no hostile contact with anyone.

Kelvin Jones
False Imprisonment; Tamper in Misdemeanor Proceeding; Sex Assault Victim 16-17y old
Defendant allegedly attacked a 16-yr old in his apartment after she refused his demands for sex
Case was nolle prossed (dropped)

Estery Jean Baptiste
Defendant pled to highlighted counts below and was sentenced to 17 years DOC with credit for 2 years 64 days time served:
  • 2008-CF-016490-A-O
    Home Invasion (2cts); Burglary (4cts); Kidnapping w/intent to inflict harm/terror (2cts); Sexual Battery w/Deadly Weapon (2cts); False Imprisonment (2cts)
    co-defendant Zens Alisma scheduled for trial 1/24/11 & co-defendant Georges Laguerre pled 3/25/10
  • 2008-CF-016720-B-O
    Burglary (2cts); Robbery w/Firearm (2cts) (1ct); Aggravated Battery w/Deadly Weapon (2cts) (1ct); Aggravated Assault w/Deadly Weapon (3cts); Theft co-defendant Zens Alisma scheduled for trial 1/24/11 & co-defendant Dondiel Flowers pled 4/5/10
  • 2009-CF-003699-B-O
    Robbery w/Firearm (2cts) (1ct) ; Sexual Battery w/Deadly Weapon co-defendant Zens Alisma scheduled for trial 1/24/11 & co-defendant Georges Laguerre pled 3/25/10


  1. Reading these cases scare me. My daughter is a recent victim of Domestic abuse. She has an injunction for 2 years thourgh Orange County. This week she went to a Dependancy case because her children were taken away due to her abusers violence. Her abuser kept trying to get her attention. The Dependancy Judge told him to watch it. She reported it to the St. Attorney, They told her to go to the Police Department. The Police told her nothing could be done at this time and to just keep reporting these happening and when the trial comes up bring the reports with you. I'm afaid it will be too late. So, what good is an injunction and what exactly do they mean by no contact?

  2. You see??? These people deserve punishment however sometimes men that do not engage in this type of activity and do not break the law at all are punished. Trust me I know. I have been cleared of everything and did not even do any of the crimes my ex wife alleged that I did but yet I sit here and cannot see my only son for over a year now. Innocent people also suffer because the judges just extend injunctions like it is eating cake. They do not know that they are harming an innocent father that did nothing to his son AT ALL!!! THe judges are not trained in brainwashing a child or parental alienation syndrome. They assume the child is telling the truth before even sitting down with the child to get their story. Trust me if you sit my son down you will find out that there is no abuse in my case, he will reveal the truth and there will be huge inconsistencies in his stories as there is but the judge will not do his job and read my case. I have complained and even called chief judge Belvin Perry's office but they do not do anything so I will go public with my case. After all, this is my only child that I haven't seen in over a year and my case is proven already, the lies are proven. READ MY CASE Mr. APTE!!!!