Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Whatever happened to. . . ? #29

Marco E Brown
Attempted 1st Degree Murder; Criminal Mischief, Aggravated Battery; Domestic Battery by Strangulation; Battery
Defendant allegedly assaulted his wife, poured gasoline on her & tried to set her on fire.
Defendant pled to Criminal Mischief, Felony Battery, Battery and was sentenced to 21.23 months in DOC with credit for 74 days time served.

Oscar Lee Davis
Murder; Sexual Battery WDW; Burglary of Dwelling
Defendant allegedly raped and murdered a 78-yr old woman in 1988 and subsequently gouged out his own eyes while in custody - def has been hospitalized for psych issues for several years. Defendant sued Orange Co jail in 1998 claiming his blindness could have been prevented w/proper care.
Defendant pled to counts 1 & 2, Burglary count was nolle prossed. Defendant was sentenced to LIFE in DOC with credit for time served.

Victor Van Vilchez
Attempted 1st Degree Murder; Shoot Missile Into Vehicle; Discharge Firearm From Vehicle; Aggravated Child Abuse
Defendant allegedly got into a road rage shootout with Louis Davis (2008CF2754) while driving his vehicle. Children were present in Davis' vehicle during incident.
Case was dismissed. Davis' case was nolle prossed 12/08.

Albert Caulie Taylor
1st Degree Murder 
Defendant was arrested as a result of new DNA testing for the 1995 cold case murder of Angela Gary, a known prostitute with whom the defendant had sex just prior to her death.
Defendant was found guilty after jury trial and sentenced to LIFE in DOC.

Monique R Scott
1st Degree Murder w/Weapon 
Defendant allegedly stabbed her husband to death at their home after first attempting to shoot him with a gun she didn't know how to operate - victim was packing his belongings to leave
Defendant was found guilty by jury and sentenced to 25 years DOC.

Demarcus Reddick
Attempted 1st Degree Murder; Aggravated Battery w/Deadly Weapon (2cts) 
Defendant allegedly conspired to have a romantic rival shot in the face. The alleged shooter was Kyle Grayson 2009CF16486 whose case was dropped. Defendant was subsequently arrested for violating PTR conditions in Seminole County, claiming his dog bit his GPS device off his ankle and eluding police for 2 days.
Defendant was acquitted by jury in this case.

Cedric Lajuan King
1st Degree Murder
Defendant allegedly shot his uncle to death
Defendant was found guilty by jury trial and sentenced to LIFE in DOC.

James Hataway
Seminole County 2009 CF 002737A
Attempted 1st Deg Murder; Burglary of Conveyance w/Battery; False Imprisonment; Robbery 
Defendant allegedly tried to strangle a woman who gave him a ride home from a party in 8/08. Def is a suspect in the disappearance of Tracy Ocasio.
Defendant was found guilty by jury and sentenced to LIFE in DOC


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