Friday, November 11, 2011

Whatever happened to. . . ? #35

McCroskey, Dennis
1st Degree Murder; Sexual Battery w/Deadly Weapon (2cts)
DNA evidence linked defendant to a 1993 rape & murder. DNA match occurred because Defendant was serving time in Ohio for a similar case
Pled guilty to 1st Degree Murder & adjudicated guilty; Counts 2&3 nolle prossed.  Sentenced to LIFE in DOC w/ 25y min man, consecutive to Ohio sentence. No credit for time served.

Gonzalez, Eduardo
2006-CF-011144-A-O & 2006-CF-007589-A-O
1st Degree Murder w/Firearm; Att 1st Degree Murder (9cts); Tamper w/Witness Conspiracy; Tamper w/Witness (5cts)
Defendant allegedly shot victim outside a bar near UCF after mistakenly identifying victim as having doused him in beer. Death penalty case.
Defendant pled guilty & was sentenced to 30y DOC w/credit 4yrs 268 days time served

Shaw, Travis Louis
Attempted 1st Degree Murder w/Firearm; Aggravated Child Abuse; Aggravated Battery; Possess Firearm by Convicted Felon; Throw Deadly Missile at or w/in Bldg; Aggravated Assault w/Firearm; False Info to Law Enforcement re: Missing Person or Felony
Defendant, a convicted felon, allegedly shot the minor victim in her face at home
Defendant pled guilty to counts 1,2,4 and was sentenced to 3 yrs DOC w/credit 600 days time served

Jean-Baskin, Vanel
2nd Degree Murder
Defendant allegedly beat his mother's boyfriend to death
Defendant was found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity and committed to DCF

Gill, Branden L
Battery (2cts); Disorderly Intox; Kidnap Child<13 yrs
Defendant allegedly attempted to kidnap a boy from his home by trying to pull him over the fence
Case was transferred to misdemeanor court (2011-MM-138-A-W).  Defendant pled to battery & disorderly intox and was sentenced to 77 days w/credit 77 days time served.

Harris, Deidra S
Agg Child Abuse w/Weapon
Defendant allegedly beat her adopted son with his own belt (Defendant has been investigated by DCF twice before w/a different child).
Pled no contest to Child Abuse, adjudication was withheld.  Defendant was sentenced to 2 days jail w/credit for 2 days time served; 30 months probation, and DUI/Drug school/rehab.

Younge, Marcus
False Imprisonment; Battery
Defendant allegedly attempted to snatch a 9-yr old girl near her home in Southeast Orange County
Pled no contest to Battery & was adjudicated  guilty.  Sentenced to 2 days jail w/credit 2 days time served; 363 days probation and 25 hours community service

Logsdon Mitchell, Kira Hope
Contrib to Delinq/Dependency of Minor; Neglect of Child (2cts)
Defendant allegedly got drunk (BAC .215) at an Ocoee bar and passed out with her 4-yr old in her lap. A bartender contends she left him in her car while she was inside. Her 9 & 7-yr old children were allegedly left home alone.
Pled no contest to count 1,  adjudication was withheld; Counts 2&3 nolle prossed. Sentenced to 1 day jail w/credit 1 day time served; 1 year probation; no alcohol/drugs.

Haynes, Rawn
Negligent Storage of Firearm
Defendant was a Lakeland police officer who left his fireram unattended in a vehicle with 2 children - the 7-yr old accidentally shot his 10-yr old brother in the hand
Pled to Culpable Negligence and was sentenced to 6 months probation; 517 hours community serivce w/credit 417 hours already completed.

Louis, Shelly
Neglect Child
Defendant allegedly left her son alone while she went to work & he was found hanging out a 2nd story window by a security officer
no information notice filed – case dropped

Lee, Bryan Deangelo
Aggravated Battery; Tamper w/Witness
Defendant violated the no contact provision while in jail by calling victim over 250 times in 2 months. Judge revoked his phone privileges while at the jail. Defendant pled 6/10 & was sentenced to 2 yrs prob; BIP; no hostile contact; parenting class; Defendant later pled 9/10 to a VOP & got 15d jail.
Found in violation of probation for the second time.  Sentenced to 10y DOC w/credit 329d time served

Bonner, Jervaughn Antonio
Poss Cocaine w/Intent w/FA; Possess Cannabis w/Intent w/FA; Possess Cocaine; Possess Cannabis; Poss FA in Commission of Felony; Theft; Make False Statement Under Oath to LEO
Defendant allegedly accidentally shot his GIRLFRIEND and lied to police, claiming a drive by shooter was responsible
Defendant pled no contest to first 3 counts & adjudication was withheld.  Count 4 was nolle prossed. No action taken on remaining counts.  Sentenced to 1 year jail w/credit 191 days time served.

Crooks, Tarren
Armed Kidnapping; Battery DV; Aggravated Assault w/Firearm; Tamper w/Witness to Hinder Comm w/Law Enforcement.
Defendant allegedly abducted his ex-girlfriend from a school parking lot & assaulted her.
Defendant pled no contest to Battery and was sentenced to 283 days prob (includes 81 days credit time served); 100h community service; complete a substance abuse program.

Mann, Travis
Battery DV; ROWOV (2cts)
Defendant was tased by law enforcement after his wife called 911 for assistance
Pled no contest to 1 count of Resist Officer Without Violence - adjudicated guilty.  Sentenced to 111 days probation; substance abuse treatment; anger management class; no possess firearms; no possess alcohol or illegal drugs; and ordered to have no contact with victim.

Fowlkes, Guy Swindell
Agg Assault WDW; Battery; Prop Damage
Defendant allegedly ignited some explosives at a fireworks tent as part of an altercation with his pregnant girlfriend
Defendant was found not competent to proceed.


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