Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kudos to Judge Marlene Alva

The Sentinel reports that Shannon Burke was granted permission by Circuit Judge Marlene Alva to participate in marriage counseling with his wife Catherine. But Judge Alva refused to give the couple unlimited contact. She ruled that the former radio personality may talk to his wife during marriage counseling sessions but at no other time. Alva also refused his request to order the removal of Burke's GPS tracking device.

It is not uncommon for a victim to request contact, and even undergo marriage counseling, with their spouse - even after a serious assault.

I hope that the therapist that the Burkes meet with is thoroughly trained in the dynamics of domestic violence. And I hope that they each engage in individual counseling:
  • Shannon: to understand and change his attitude about the reasons why he felt it was acceptable to use a gun to threaten his wife; and
  • Catherine: to develop a comprehensive safety plan.
CourtWatch applauds Judge Alva's efforts to keep the victim safe.


  1. its hard to understand why the wife wanted to drop charges....I guess a lot of woman see things differently...If my husband was that reckless with a gun I think I would think twice before making that choice

  2. Ms. Williams,

    I am curious about your assumptions in this case. From all the police reports and statements, Mr. Burke never "used a gun to threaten" His wife Catherine. Given, it was incredibly dangerous and unbelievably stupid to pick up a gun at all. But the "Domestic Violence" crowd seems to have made a huge leap to believing and writing that Burke "shot his wife". From the police reports and statements, it is clear that he aimed the gun at the dog or a window. Never at Catherine. The gun discharged, bullet went thru the dog's leg, ricocheted off a wall or a piece of furniture then grazed Catherine's head. Burke isn't even charged with "domestic violence" at all. He says that it was a stupid, tragic accident, his wife concurs. They want to be together.
    Why is it that you DV "specialists" always feel the need to stretch the stories to milk them for the worst possible outcome. Why not let Burke deal with his demons and allow the couple to heal their marriage?

  3. HE POINTED A GUN AND SHOT THE DOG!!!!! is this NO clue that someone willing to pick up a gun at all has huge issues??? I am not a DV "Specialist" but I do know enough about people. This is why women are murdered everyday, like last week in the grocery store. We overlook these kinds of problems that people have.

  4. I will give no kudos to Circuit Judge Marlene Alva she allows Child sex offenders to go free even after they are convicted to a life sentence!! This is a matter of fact check her record!! She is soft on sex crimes especially when they are sex crimes against children!! See you in 2012 at the EVERY voting station in Seminole county when you try and get re-elected Alva!!!