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One Father's Victimization by "The System"

In August, 2008 I received a call from a woman named Carol who is a real estate broker. We spoke at length about a custody case that was before Judge Alan Dickey in Seminole County. I explained to her that we focus on the criminal and injunction courts, though we hope to have enough volunteers and funding to expand into the domestic hearings at some point in the future.

Once she shared with me some of the miscarriages of justice that her friend was experiencing, I told her we would try to attend the hearings as much as possible. Considering some of the allegations involved, and the fact that there are two young children (a 6-yr old boy and 8-yr old girl) being victimized, I am not going to reveal the names of the family involved. Carol was assisting the father, whom the mother claimed had abused her and the children. Interestingly enough, allegations of abuse didn't start until the mother's immigration attorney advised her what she needed to do to be granted citizenship in the USA (police reports alleging abuse and being accepted as a resident into a DV shelter are needed).

Multiple witnesses - the neighbors, the police and even the independent psychologist - testified they never saw one single sign of abuse being perpetrated by the father. The children never indicated any abuse by him either. All the abuse allegations were by people testifying based on what the mother told them. Witnesses alleged that [the mother] has told the children to cross busy 6-lane highways against the lights where motorists have yelled "Lady are you trying to kill your kids?!" The father is terrified she will "accidentally" kill them. Additionally, the daughter alleged that sexual improprieties by a member of her mother's church had occurred while she was in her mother's care. DCF and the judge chose to disregard her allegations because she didn't verbalize them during the interview.

The father's first attorney was less than aggressive in advocating for his client, and Carol believes this is one reason for the judge's seeming bias against him. Carol, as well as our volunteers who monitored the hearing last month, believe that the fact that the father is from Iran worked also against him (the mother is from Turkey).

CourtWatch had two volunteers in Judge Dickey's courtroom for the 2-day hearing held in July. Carol told me after the hearing "I am sure that having 2 courtwatchers sitting there the whole 2 days with the big CourtWatch badge really helped. He [the judge] really seemed (for the first time that I have seen in this case ) that he was really trying to be fair! I was just so pleased that this time he let [the father] speak and didn't shut him up and speak rudely to him this time."

CourtWatcher #1 said "Judge Dickey in my estimation had already made a decision, and possibly before the hearing started. In his ruling he made mention of a previous ruling and declared that he stood by it. . . He believed that [the father] coming home to clean, wash and take care of the kids was controlling behavior. . . Apparently the Guardian Ad Litem was attacked during his testimony by [the mother's] lawyer as being biased in favor of the father. The judge explained, while making his ruling that the GAL had more opportunity to spend with the father due to the circumstances of the mother, her and her friends distrust of the GAL (reasonable or otherwise). Unfortunately the judge used this same explanation to minimize the GAL recommendation, that he [the GAL] didn't get to spend time with the mother, that his report ended at a certain date and it's the judge's belief that the relationship between the mother and the children got better after that date."

CourtWatcher #2 told me "Judge Dickey was fair and courteous to all parties. He did not behave as I had seen him a year or so ago when he would insult attorneys or their clients. The attorneys were well prepared and sharp. Those are my observations as a courtwatcher. Personally, I had no opinion on who should have the children until the last (15th) witness, the guardian ad litem for the children. He finally said what needed to be said and knew how to answer questions so the information did not get choked off or twisted by either attorney. Unfortunately, the children must remain with the mother for at least another week until the verdict is given. A motion by the GAL for immediate reversal of custody was ignored for about 2 months by the judge and he still does not seem concerned, so I do not know how he will rule. I do not know why the Safehouse has kept Mom for 10 months with no evidence of abuse. She seems to be taking advantage of the free lodging, groceries and childcare. The father obviously loves his children and had taken almost sole care of them when the family was together. DCF has apparently let this slide also."

The verdict?

CourtWatcher #2: "I was shocked by Judge Dickey's rulings in this case on Friday [July 31st]. He gave permanent custody to the mother who still lives at Safehouse and works 2 jobs at a deli and cleaning houses. She plans to attend SCC as a full time student this fall also. She has been severe in discliplining the children in the past, keeps few appointments with counselors, avoids contact with child care personnel, and apparently has little one-on-one time with the children. Judge Dickey explains all this as being the father's fault: providing her a car that breaks down frequently, not paying enough for child support, failing to get mother a green card, and being too permissive and lax with the children so they will not obey the mother. The judge says this is all a plot to keep control over the family. He believes the father is playing a game with money, hiding it from the Court. He cites this as the primary weapon of father's control. . . To me, it appears the judge reached his decisions early in this process and has conveniently fit all testimony to his pre-conceived story of control and deceit. It was a circular argument assuming the premise that the father has money no one can find. Expert witnesses were either denied testimony ( Dr. Tressler, child psychologist) or ignored (Mr. MaGill, guardian ad litem). Judge believes Mr MaGill was paid by father, but he was actually paid by the court. . . Perhaps in time his ruling will prove to be injurious to the children and we may need to call him to account. . . Perhaps the judge is right about the father having money he alone controls, but my alarm is that the judge was angry about that and sentenced these 2 children to a miserable life to punish him."

And from Carol: "[The father] hasn't been able to pay the last 2 months rent as it all went to the children's defense. He is giving away his stuff including lots of books, kids books, toys, and other items since he will be forced to move soon and is expecting to be put in jail on September 1st [for Contempt of Court - not paying his ex-wife's legal fees of $20k+]. If you know of anyone who could use these books and toys, let me know. . . No matter what, I do think you made a little difference as the judge wasn't as blatantly rude and biased as usual. I was hoping that meant he was really listening, but as we thought all along, he already had his mind made up."

Judge Dickey had a preconceived notion about this case and after 2 full days of testimony, stood by those preconceptions. What is the point of having a hearing if you're going to ignore the testimony presented? As one courtwatcher said, "Perhaps in time his ruling will prove to be injurious to the children and we may need to call him to account." Does a child have to be injured or killed before the judge is held accountable for this decision? The very thought chills me to the bone. Meanwhile, these two children are exhibiting inappropriate sexual behavior and Judge Dickey refuses to believe that being with Mom is not the in their best interest.

I hope the father in this case is able to appeal the judge's decision, even though his health is poor and he is destitute (he has relied on the generosity of friends to pay for his legal fees and heart medications). He is preparing to be put in jail next month because he simply cannot come up with the thousands of dollars that Judge Dickey seems to believe he can access. Perhaps a father's rights group will sponsor an appeal on his behalf.

If you know of resources that could be of use to him, please email or call me.


  1. I am so upset at the “system”, a system that is supposed to be logical and work based on reason fairness and facts. Not here folks! I have personally interviewed countless witnesses and investigated this case for several years and it has shaken me to the core. I have not been paid a dime for my thousands of hours of time I put in on this case to protect these two children - nor would I accept any money as some things are more important than money to me. I see it, the father sees it, the father’s friends and co workers see it, even the court appointed guardian and physiologists see it, but the judges can’t believe that there are still good people around. The judge chose to base his decision on the unfounded subjective words of the mother instead of the facts based on bank statements, copies of cancelled checks for the past 5 years, tax returns, as well as sworn testimony from 6 witnesses that they gave or lent money to the father to help him defend himself and protect his children. I witnessed the father being harassed by a predisposed judge in court each time he turned in all of these documents. (Maybe because they didn’t show large sums of money the judge believes exists) So, each time this poor man asked the judge to protect his children, the judge focused on money. The father was accused several times of not submitting his financial documents when ordered despite the fact that he did several times none-the- less!! And, also at great cost including paying the bank for thousands of pages of check copies and statements as well as paying for copies at the local office copy store. All of his banks were also subpoenaed separate from what he turned in. After the unbelievable third time, he was once again accused of not turning these documents over to the other attorney. I even made an excel spread sheet and documented each and every page of every statement (front and back) as well as each and every piece of paper with a front and back picture of the cancelled check from the bank. This time his attorney handed over the totally organized, labeled and documented file in front of the judge and also give the judge the excel inventory list with a description of every single piece of paper in that file. This took me many many hours and I thought this would finally get the focus on the children as this man’s financial situation was completely transparent by this point and well documented. However, I couldn’t believe this judge and court was once again allowing this distraction taking away the focus on the safety of the children.
    All of this documentation, testimony and frankly overwhelming facts meant nothing. The judge ruled that despite the tax returns and bank statements that the father in his “opinion” was hiding money and that all of the witnesses who lent or gave him money for his kids were lying. The judge claimed he couldn’t believe that people would just give or lend money without getting contracts or promissory notes to prove it. Well judge they do and it’s because there are people that have kind hearts and wanted to protect these children. They know them and have seen them and gave a hoot. The father was ordered to turn over his only car (an old car at least 15 years old or so) to the mother within 24 hours or he would go to jail. This was a car he purchased for $300 a few months earlier and after his previous older car was totaled in an accident by another driver running a red light. The judge admonished the father for not turning the car over several months earlier when it turns out the mother had only obtained her driver’s license that very same day as the admonishment. Apparently, the judge did not mind the mother having a car without a license. Then the judge blamed the father for the mother missing children’s psychologist and doctors’ appointments because he provided her with an old car. It was his only car and the only one he could afford. It was good enough for the father to use for months and to go to try to find work or take the kids places but not nice enough for the mother.

  2. The court appointed psychologist testified that the children are now “selective mutes” meaning they have been so psychologically injured they have learned not to talk. I’ve come to know these children and they are bright kids who can talk. In fact, they talk up a storm to their dad. But the mother has taught them not to talk to strangers. That means just about anyone. It took me over two years to get them to feel comfortable with me and able talk to me.

    The child protective investigators said they could not do anything about the alleged sexual improprieties by someone at one of the mother’s churches because the child did not verbalize it to them. Later though the child did write it down and submit it to the investigators and also told the Guardian at Litem about it but again the court did nothing to protect these children. The children still are taken to that same group where the alleged crime took place several times a week.

    I am sorry if this seems to ramble but it is very upsetting to see innocent children victimized as well as the father. There is so much more to this story but my blood is boiling again. Maybe after I cool off a bit I will add some more comments.

    Kiss your children tonight and be sure they are safe because you can’t count on everyone else to protect them.

    Angry and Upset.

  3. First of all, I don’t see how an educated judge can’t believe that “people would just give or lend money without getting contracts or promissory notes to prove it”. He is disconnected from reality if he really believes people go through life like that. If my friend needs money for his or her children, I’m not going to sit down with a lawyer and draw up a contract. The people who gave or lent this father money were concerned for the kids. That was the priority. They weren’t worried about how or when they would get it back. It’s called being a neighbor.

    I don’t understand why the judge is obsessed with money when there are bigger issues at stake. I cannot believe that the alleged sexual improperties are not being addressed! It doesn’t matter how the child voiced them, whether verbally or written. If the psychologist testified that they are selective mutes, then that would explain why she didn’t say anything! You would think that a written statement submitted to investigators would hold more weight than simply a verbal one anyway. In any case, shouldn’t these allegations at least be checked out??? There is nothing more frightening to a parent than wondering if their child was a victim of sexual misconduct.

    I hope the judge looks over this case again. I hope he reconsiders what the priorities are, #1 being the children’s safety. Is he really going to sacrifice their well-being in an attempt to try to catch the father in a money lie?

  4. Yet no one does anything about this!

  5. It is clear to me that this website and whomever wrote the intial articel is cleary biased.. you have your facts about this case incorrect, Mr. Fouroozi abused his wife, and kids, and never filed for her immigration green card despite her being here for years and having his children. The wife didn't even have a driver's license and he refused to let her work. The Husband that you are referring to has not paid child support to the mother in months and would rather see his children starve and the Wife starve. Mr. Fouroozi has gotten what he deserves, he is a liar, an abuser, sadist and does not respect women. It just goes to show that any bone head can have a website and write whatever they want without the facts.. why is the Husband talking to a female realtor.. why would a realtor get involved in this... the facts are that there are a lot of predators and liars and anyone with common sense knows that a person cannot truly know what goes on behind closed doors. The facts are not contained in the originalt article and this is not a journalism site... I will consult Ms. Brown about suing this sight for defamation. The Husband is an abuser, predator and displayed cruel treatment towards the mom, this site demonstrates exactly why domestic violence continues to be a problem in our society. The Wife is at the safehouse because the guy is dangerous and she has a restraining order against the Husband. Shame on the author of this site for not fact checking... did you interview the wife.... or did you interview the Husbands new chick some realtor .. that doesn't even make anysense.. this world is full of people with no common sense.. the fact that another women is coming to you to tell the man's stories should tell you alot.. it just goes to show that you have no real world experience of the liars and the conartists that exist in fmaily law and criminal cases. The children's safety is importanat and they should not be with a Dad. Laura i sincerley suggest that before you write an article being critical of people that you do what journalists do, which is fact check and I demand that you retract this article otherwise my law firm will be contact the parties involved about a defamation suit against you. you call the site Courtwatcher which implies that you watch all of the proceeding and read the case file but you are not reporting facts, rather you are reporting your bias and opinions of caes which is defamation and not courtwatching.

  6. you had court watchers there for one hearing??? The case has been ongoing for over a year and a half.. again this just shows your ignorace for fact checking and actually opening a file and reading it... If this is how you report cases.. then your site will likely loose in a defamatino suit... I sincerely request that you retract and issue an apology to the Wife who is a true victim of doemstic violence and to her attorneys.. and everything that Carol the realtor, husbands girlfriend has told you is hearsay... You truly do a disservice to victims of domestic violence ib this article and site.. if your goal is to help people.. in this case you have victimized the victim which is the wife. this site is just like others whose real purpose is to be a slam book... to be a talking head without focus, purpose or fact checking... I want the retraction or face the lawsuit..and tell the realtor that she is being used by Fouroozi... I am so disappointed in the realtor and you Ms. Williams.. be smart.. I suggest that you either shut down this site or fact check and It doesn't appear from your article that you know how to fact check which is a problem... do you ever consider how you writing the article affects the parties. your article is slanted as you got your information from the hearsay, the realtor fyi pigeon head Carol, i do not mean to call names but that's what she is to Fouroozi and by the way.. he's a millionaire several times over and has several properties... so he's wasn't starving.. I urge you to get your facts right and to issue retractios when they are wrong...

  7. I'm not sure how anyone could prove defamation when the parties' names were never posted by me.

    I also find it especially difficult to believe that the father, as Anonymous writes, is a millionaire and yet he permitted himself to be taken into custody on 10/8 for 90 days for failure to pay attorney fees.

  8. This case is a tragedy and disgrace. And the commentary from courtwatchers in this case is even more deplorable. It speaks volumes about the ignorance in the public about domestic violence and the RANGE of tactics an abuser uses. It speaks volumes about the effectiveness of manipulators, the vulnerability of lonley old women realtors who have nothing better to do than insert themselves where they do not belong. FYI, Not all victims of violence are physically abused although the dimwitted look only for bruises or fatalities. The real tragedy are the scars that are never seen. The ones the children will carry because their father does not support them and would allow them to live in a shelter for 2+ years. Blame the court, blame the mom, but really, any decent responsible father would not allow his children to live in a shelter for that long. The father, poor pathetic, insecure, megalomaniac, unrepented soul probably thought money could buy him his children and the best attorneys. But he was wrong and yes being from his part of the world makes a difference because it contextualizes the reality of his goal. Let us not stereotype, but culture and gender informs our perspective and decisions. If you don't believe it, how blind are you. But how ironic that he ends up in jail and all his power and wealth didn't make a difference, there is a just God or one that holds us accountable for our own choices. Under "normal" circumstances we know that money dictates the extent to which you can work the system. If father had none the case wouldn't haven't gotten this far. Really. And yes, money tells the tale here. Why? Because unlike what Michael, the idiot blogger believes, we aren't talking money you lend a friend, we are talking tens of thousands of dollars to pay attorneys instead of money used for his children's housing, school, or medical bills. How much money are we talking...if you knew the husband's attorneys each charge a minimum $20K and he had two from expensive firms would that make a difference of opinion and if you knew that the GAL, unlike previously reported, was PAID by the father an equal amount, yes another $20K, would that make a difference. That is what, $60,000 already. And the psychologists each were paid about $10k a piece. Who has friends that will lend them that kind of money and not expect anything back? Friends who are business people? Really? Where are they because I need friends like that right about now in this economy. The real world says that the court has a responsibiltiy to be fair and guess what people, if people can't agree and be reasonable they intervene and no one is happy at the end. We also know the worse kinds of abusers are those who leave no physical scars but oppress, control, and starve their victims literally or figuratively, and manipulate. The true victims are the ignorant bloggers who give their feeble opinions about things they know nothing about. If you really want to know about domestic violence and how many miscarriages of justice occur everyday in courtrooms and bedrooms across america find out more information especially as it relates to immigrant women and search the national network to end violence against women. Don't worry about a man who is finally being held accountable for his choices. And let the realtor lady know that if she wants something useful to do rather than worry about her stupid "friend" in jail, she can volunteer at a homeless shelter or better yet, at a domestic violence shelter to really see that it is not desireable place to be "free" food or not.

  9. In response to Anonymous 10-14-09 FYI The realtor lady you refer to is very well aware of domestic violence and homeless issues. As a matter of fact she advocates for those who are abused and in need. She supports Harbor House by donations, her time and advocating in a personal way with the victims. She not only has organized a group to volunteer at the Coalition for the Homeless, supplied painting materials and painted the walls there herself, she also has ministered to the homeless on many levels including going out on the street and ministering to, encouraging them and bringing food, clothes, tarps, sleeping bags and tents….out of her own pocket.

    One of the many “victims” this “old realtor lady” has supported was a pregnant DV victim who wandered hysterically into her office because she was unfairly thrown out on the street by a manipulative abuser who knew how to use the system and strip her of all she had including spreading false statements about her and trying to isolate her. This “old realtor lady” took this pregnant mother and her 3 children ( at the time including 2 angry teenagers) out of a shelter and into her own home for almost a year because she knows that a DV shelter is not the best place to raise children. It is meant to be a temporary shelter until you can work hard and get back on your feet.

    She and her husband supported this family financially, emotionally, and medically and supplied all their needs as they came with nothing but one trash bag of possessions. She made sure they all got counseling, dental and medical treatment, school supplies, food, shelter, supplies for the new baby, clothing, financial and job counseling. She attended parent teacher conferences, school and counseling sessions and tutored the kids so they could be successful in school. She worked out budgets, household rules, job training, and even found the means to get her her own home, totally furnished and a van so she could have safe transportation for the 4 children including a car seat for the newborn. Her family sacrificed and shared their modest income with this “stranger” because she was in need. She was a stranger yes but aren’t we called to help our “brothers and sisters”?

  10. You say, “Who has friends that will lend them that kind of money and not expect anything back? Friends who are business people? Really? Where are they because I need friends like that right about now in this economy.”

    She is not “friends” with all of these people she helps. They start out as strangers in need. She expected nothing in return for this and other sacrifices other than to be the salt and light helping someone in need. She and her family have donated 5 cars to those in need over the past 10 years. She has helped support several young pregnant mothers, sat and ministered with the dying in their last hours and just loves to love people.

    I am sorry for you that you don’t understand a caring heart and have never associated with kind loving people who like to help and give to others less fortunate. There are kind and giving people out here and I’m sure if you truly needed help she would stop to help you too! ( in spite of your less than loving comments and judgments)

    She has been concerned for the well being of these children when she was first made aware of children in trouble at that address and DCF complaints filed and has asked everyone she knows to pray for them. She understands that living in a shelter for such an extended time is detrimental to their well being and doesn’t understand why the court and the mom would prefer to keep them in that situation instead of in the home of their loving father and giving the mother visitation. Maybe it’s because he is a caring dad and not a mom.

    You also say, “The ones the children will carry because their father does not support them and would allow them to live in a shelter for 2+ years. Blame the court, blame the mom, but really, any decent responsible father would not allow his children to live in a shelter for that long.”

    Here we agree…to a point but you probably don’t know the whole story. The reason the father is flat broke is because of his health and business situation and he has exhausted every avenue possible, (including the ability of friends to lend anymore because of “this economy”) trying to protect the children and get them out of the shelter. Also, he DID pay child support as well as other expenses including their medical and psychological care. Because he IS a decent and responsible father he has advocated and fought for the well being of his children.

    When you say, ”Under "normal" circumstances we know that money dictates the extent to which you can work the system. If father had none the case wouldn't have gotten this far.”

    Yes and no. Once the father saw that the judge threw out his injunction request for protection of the children but gave one to the mother and took the children away from him and delivered them into the arms of the one who continued to take them to places where they alleged inappropriate sexual conduct, as well as her “mild child abuse” punishments, he did whatever he could as a parent to protect the children. If the father did not sell everything he could quickly and then borrow from friends and acquaintances willing to give because they too knew the situation of the kids, it would have been over long ago. But what would have happened to the kids?

    If he was a non caring dad, it would have been much easier to walk away defeated by an angry judge and try to build his construction business back up…but no, he gave up everything to protect the kids. Including jeopardizing his heart health with the added stress.

  11. As a parent I understand this. I heard the father said to the judge in court when asked how he would be able to continue to help and support his children, he told the judge, “I would sell my kidney to protect the children!” I think most parents would sacrifice anything to protect their kids.

    You probably don’t know how much the children reverted and shut down while in their mother’s sole custody for 8 months. How she repeatedly missed their court ordered one-hour every other week visitations with their father. (the judge refused to find the mom in contempt for her disobedience) How there were behavior changes, crying, depression and anxiety and severe behavior changes while away from their father. How they didn’t start to improve until the dad was given partial custody where he could resume counseling with their child psychologist he first took them to when he discovered the extent of the abuse before court was involved.

    Thank God it got this far Anonymous! Otherwise the children would have been totally ripped away from the one that tried to keep them safe. Because it got this far, the eyes of the community are looking. Whether with dad or not, at least now hopefully others are watching too. The judge said the mother “ was a lousy mother” and inflicted “excessive punishment but, if anything, it's mild child abuse” but she was “getting better”. Of course she should get better now that she is being watched. Thanks to the father’s attention he brought to the plight of the kids. Thank goodness she was getting better! I hope and pray she continues to get better from inflicting “mild child abuse”. I hope she has learned a lot and cherishes the children.

    I’m glad that that lady got involved for the sake of the kids. She cares a lot about domestic violence issues. She didn’t get involved until she received calls from 3 different prospective buyers who were in the house with the mother and kids while the father was at work. The people told her “someone needs to do something to protect those kids.” And that one already called DCF. She also knew to independently interview many neighbors, friends, local business people, others and get police reports to check the facts before she helped.

    Domestic violence is not only against women, although fewer men report it. She and a lot of us are concerned about this case because it is different and there are women out there that desperately need that space at the shelter to save their lives. Just because the roles and genders are reversed here doesn’t mean that this man and his children shouldn’t have been helped, protected and supported.

    P.S. To the Anonymous blogger before the last one. You talk about hearsay and fact checking…you really should check your facts before throwing stones at others…..the realtor is NOT the father’s girlfriend or new chick….talk about defamation!!!

  12. You all seem to be missing the point, and the blogger bashing and name calling going on back and forth here only stands as proof of my statement.

    Although both sides bring up viable issues the fact remains that the point is the maltreatment of this case by the system for both parties. Seeing that it is the Judge’s job to oversee that system only justifies the necessity for courtwatch as I understand it. To anonymous who trashes courtwatch or Ms. Williams I contend only magnifies your ignorance of their purpose. Courtwatch represents the community, (that would be me/you/your family member) who not only has the RIGHT to monitor the courts but has the RIGHT to free speech as to what they observe. That is the benefit of it (and this blog site), that it is made up of diverse perspectives and opinions vs. a place for ‘some’ to have their own little temper tantrums.

    To the obvious anonymous attorney who apparently feels superior to the mere community member…bone head? Really? That is only more proof for the need for courtwatch and MORE websites like this…to keep those who are working in the system, judges/attorneys/etc. on behalf of the community in check and accountable for their own possible biases (which you apparently have). Squashing free speech on sites like this one is not the answer to much needed change in the domestic violence laws/procedures in our society. Dialogue, at least hopefully on a mature level, is the key since that is what begets change. Do we really care if the ‘old realtor lady’ is a girlfriend? As I understand it it is not the duty of court watch to read the case file, but is to encourage unbiased and fair treatment by the court process.

    I assert that if any of us want to do justice to the children and victim (whomever that is) we shift the conversation to a more productive and educational direction that does NOT dilute the issues here. Is the Judge sitting on the bench with an unbiased attitude in the name of justice to all concerned? Are the attorney’s doing their jobs proficiently? Are both keeping the focus on the safety of the children? Is someone watching that process and keeping those in charge accountable for their actions?

    And oh by the way, reality check anonymous attorney… this is not a journalist blog it is citizens who give a damn. Defamation? As one blogger mentioned above a very important fact…you sir/madam are the only one who mentioned an identifiable name here. The article has done exactly what it was intended to do and that is report the “diverse” opinions of the proceedings. If all diversities wind up with the same opinion then just maybe there is some truth to the issues raised as to Judge Dickey’s attitude.

  13. As a domestic violence survivor I've been attending DV outreach meetings and counselling for a year. My abuser beat me to a pulp, then left me laying on the floor as he trotted off to work. Fortunately, the court system held my abuser criminally accountable, despite his allegations that "he didn't do it." What I have seen firsthand, however, are some women who use and abuse the court system for their own advantage to gain leverage in a child custody proceeding. In my opinion, the facts in this case point tip the scales in the advantage-seeking direction.

    CourtWatch provides an amazing service to this community. If Ms Williams writes passionately about cases it's because she has good cause. This blog is to share various perspectives and welcomes diverse thoughts and opinions. I imagine when Ms Williams gets emotionally involved in a particular case, she recuses herself and appoints another courtwatcher to sit in on the proceedings.

    Judges are human and sometimes let biases and their own passions interfere with their decision-making process unfortunately to the detriment of the parties.

    Judge Dickey has his own issues and quite frankly Judge Dickey and all judges should be monitored from time to time. Despite factual evidence in this case, Judge Dickey disregarded key facts. His job is as the "fact-finder." By the way, I didn't know the parties' involved until another blogger disclosed the name in a post which is disgraceful given the minor children involved and now the disclosure of where the wife resides.

    Not everyone will agree on all issues and that's okay. Disagree with respect and without personal character attacks.