Friday, August 14, 2009

Sometimes It's Tough to Walk Away

Sometimes it's tough to walk away from a hearing, wishing there was more that could be done personally. Wednesday was one of those days.

I was in Judge Theotis Bronson's court for injunction hearings and the Petitioner (age 34) had filed for an injunction against her husband, Edward Demirdjian (age 54), who was in custody for an assault against her. She testified that while on a flight from the Dominican Republic to the US, Demirdjian, in addition to verbally abusing his 3-yr old daughter, told her that her mommy was dead. I initially understood this to be a threat against the Petitioner. However, subsequent testimony revealed that the Petitioner was the child's stepmother. The child's biological mother is indeed deceased - murdered in New York last month. Demirdjian is a person of interest in that shooting.

Several people on the flight reported the conversation to the authorities when the plane landed in Miami. However, the family was cleared to proceed to Orlando. Details are sketchy because I have not reviewed the court file. However, the Petitioner filed for this injuction on 7/29/09, after an assault against her on 7/24 for which Demirdjian was arrested on 8/12. Judge Bronson granted a 12 month injunction and ordered the Respondent to complete BIP.

I learned today that Demirdjian had his Initial Appearance for the 7/24 assault before Judge Martha Adams yesterday (case 2009-CF-0011841-O). In spite of the Assistant State Attorney's representations about his possible role in the New York case and argument that no conditions of release could assure the safety of the victim or his own child, he was released by Judge Adams as follows:
  • $100 bond
  • home confinement with electronic monitoring
  • no contact with the victim or child
  • may return once to the residence with a law enforcement officer to pick up personal belongings
  • maintain a separate residence
  • have no weapons or firearms
  • stay 500' or more away from the wife's residence
Needless to say, CourtWatch will be carefully monitoring this case as it works its way through the criminal justice system.

For victims who want to keep apprised of the custody status of their perpetrator, VINELink can provide updates on their custodial location (as they're moved from one corrections facility/jail to another) or notify them of when their perpetrator has been released. After navigating to the correct page for the state, click on the "Search and Register" tab to locate the defendant and provide your contact email or phone number. The service is free of charge.


  1. I am one of Edward Demirdjian's daughters, and have experience living with him for the first ten years of my life. He has been abusive towards our mother, my sisters, his neices, and sister in laws, in many ways. I cant believe after all the court cases he has been in, the animal is still free out in the streets, he should be in jail where he can experience what he put all of us through. But it sure is like him at 54 to still be sleepin with younger woman, and have children with them. For some reason he always ends up with a freakin daughter.
    I feel sorry for his 3 yr. old daughter Shakira, I dont even want to imagine what he has been doing to her. He must be put in jail, and kept there.

  2. I am another daughter, and experienced this animal as a father 'til the age of 14. It is unfortunate when a child speaks of his/her parent in such a harsh manner, however, justice finally takes its place in our lives.
    I just found this news out today, and have been sleepless all night.Finally, I brought myself to this article and I am very pleased to see he has been taken into custody for a crime committed to another woman, I would like to see him pay for the unforgivable crimes he committed to his very first wife and daughters and may I also add how he scarred us for life.

    To the author of this article, thank you for posting this. We will be sure to follow-up and read your updates.

  3. Demirdjian was released from Orange County Jail on 8/16/09. Court Programs, Inc. is the GPS Monitoring agency for Orange County. They may be reached at or 407-426-8199 if you would like to make sure he is abiding by his home confinement requirement.

    He was arraigned in Judge Jenifer Davis' division on 8/19/09. I don't know the trial date yet.

  4. I am the nephew of Edward Demirdjian, I am not shocked to hear this, I have heard stories of his past. However, to anyone concerned about the welfare of his 3 year old daughter that she is in my care with both my parents and also my Wife, she is in great hands and has a great future ahead of her. She is enrolled in a wonderful daycare that offers many classes that are educational, and also balet and sports. We have her best interests in our hearts, and we are moving forward to aquire her custody through the consent of her father. To my cousins, I am sorry for all your pain, I hope that God helps us all in this difficult time, God Bless you all and remember from my parents, my wife, and I, we love and care for all of you.

    Concerning this case, I wish I could provide answers, however I have none for even myself to figure out. I know my Uncle has a good heart, but has made many mistakes, very costly mistakes that have put us all in very difficult situations. However, I can say for certain that both parties are to blame, both Edward and his current wife. They have caused trouble to both themselves and their families. They both have not been honest and truthful about every single situation that has passed, they have lied and acted in wrongful intentions towards eachtother.

  5. Patrick jan, they are not stories, they are the truth.
    If only you knew what he did to all of us; your three beautiful cousins and me.

  6. Ms. Williams;

    Would you kindly post the updates for this case?

  7. According to the Orange County Clerk's website (, there are no new dates scheduled yet. On 8/18, a $1500 cash bond was posted by Marie Awadallh.

    I have this case on our watchlist and will continue to track it. Please feel free to email me directly at