Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Remaking of Shannon Burke

It seems as though Burke is doing everything a media consultant would recommend in order to get back in the good graces of the public, as well as the good graces of his former employer, Real Radio 104.1.

I googled his name and found his picture (including his dog) prominantly displayed on a blog he started and posted to a few times after his release from Seminole County jail. It makes him look like a real animal lover. Well, maybe his dog. Not Catherine's dog.

Link to Burke's Interview on 104.1 (40 minutes)
Let me just say that it's far too easy for abusers to blame alcohol for their behavior. I guess it's more socially acceptable to be an alcoholic than it is to be a batterer. So he was more than willing to talk about his alcohol consumption.

Not once did I hear the words "domestic violence" mentioned, although Philips alluded to a possible "anger management" problem. I heard Burke complaining about how it seems as though everyone has forgotten all the great things he's done for charity and how the media has handled the case (though he did admit that if it had been someone else, he would likely be offering his opinion, as he did about the Casey Anthony case). I didn't hear anything that sounded remotely like an apology. He closed with an emotional discourse about how he misses his radio family and he hopes they'll forgive him.

Dale Kay Lillak, M.S. states "domestic violence is not caused by the use or abuse of alcohol, methamphetamines, cocaine, or any mood altering substance. These problems do occur separate from one another. The severity of violence tends to escalate when people are under-the-influence."

Burke's next court appearance at the Criminal Justice Center in Sanford (case 2009-CF-002149-A) is scheduled for Friday, September 18th at 9:00am in Courtroom 5B. A Motion to Modify Conditions of Release was filed on 8/24. The public, as always, is welcome to attend. It's been reported that in addition to having more access to his wife, he doesn't want to have to wear the GPS monitor anymore.

His next court appearance in Orange County (for violating his DUI probation by being arrested in Seminole), is not posted on the Clerk's website (case 2007-CT-0001034-E).

Finally, if you want to have a chuckle, check out his comments about the Casey Anthony case long before his own legal troubles began.

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