Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Super Bowl and Domestic Violence

If you google these words, you'll get all sorts of differing opinions about whether or not the Big Game causes an increase in domestic violence incidents. Here are just a few that I found:

KTAL Super Bowl Sunday and Domestic Violence
WRAL Does Domestic Violence Increase During the Super Bowl?
PsychCentral Super Bowl Sunday, Domestic Violence & Your Health
Snopes Super Bull Sunday

What the news reports and other bloggers fail to emphasize is that the underlying reason that domestic violence incidents occur is because one person believes they have the right to control their partner and/or treat them like they are not deserving of respect. And they exert the power they believe necessary to achieve that control.

Financial problems, job loss, alcohol & drug abuse, and other stressors can exacerbate a situation. But they are not responsible for violence.

We all make choices in life. Whether we choose to verbally or physically assault our family is a choice we make every time we interact with them.

Here's hoping that every day, not just Super Bowl Sunday, we make good choices.

PS: Go Redskins!  ;)

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