Monday, February 15, 2010

Update: Child Killer Gets 18 Month Sentence

As promised earlier this week when posting about this case, here is (as Paul Harvey would say) the rest of the story.
In speaking with Anna Valentini, the prosecutor who handled the case, I learned the following:

With the exception of a quick errand run when she left the home, Brian del Pino and his girlfriend had spent the entire day with 18-month old Cameron Andrews together. It was during her absence that little Cameron sustained the injuries that ultimately killed him.

Del Pino reportedly sought immediate medical attention for the boy, and was attempting to resuscitate him when emergency personnel arrived. The Defense was prepared to call two expert witnesses who would testify that the child's injuries were consistent with del Pino's version of events, wherein the child was injured accidentally, thus creating the potential for reasonable doubt in the minds of prospective jurors.

The mother and both grandmothers were present at the sentencing hearing earlier this month.

Finally, the defendant walked the straight and narrow for nearly 4 years while out on bond as he awaited trial.

As previously reported, del Pino will serve 10 years of probation after his release from custody, and is therefore subject to a potentially much lengthier period of incarceration if he fails to abide by those requirements.

Given the circumstances, particularly that he made every effort to save the child (unlike many defendants we see), CourtWatch believes the plea agreement was a good one.

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