Thursday, April 1, 2010

Animal Abuse Cases in Court

Laszlo Arsenio Horvath
Cruelty to Animals
Defendant allegedly sexually assaulted his dog, which had to euthanized.
Defendant pled March 24, 2010 and was sentenced to 3 years probation. Adjudication of guilt was withheld!

Darin Thomas Christopher
Cruelty to Animals; Battery on Person 65+ yrs old; Battery DV; ROWOV (2cts)
Defendant allegedly hit victim's dog several times in head & jaw, told her he would rip its ear off & make her eat it, and then threatened to kill her. Dog's jaw was broken & 2 teeth knocked out.
Trial scheduled for June 28, 2010.

Michael Joseph Potter
Cause Cruel Death/Pain/Suffering (animal abuse)
Defendant allegedly bludgeoned his neighbor's puppy with a hammer (the dog had to be euthanized)
Arrested 3/22/10 - no court dates yet.

John Patrick Crimins, Jr.
Attempted 1st Degree Murder; Aggravated Battery GBH (2cts); Trespass; Cruelty to Animals
Defendant allegedly slashed his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend (who lost 5 fingers) with a knife. The couple's 4-yr old child witnessed the attack. We are uncertain as to the nature of the animal abuse charge.
Trial scheduled for June 1, 2010.

Frank L Nibbs
Cruelty to Animals
Defendant allegedly entered victim's property and used a pipe to beat her 7-mo old puppy in front of her & her son - the dog sustained a broken jaw, chin, and lost an eye.
Trial scheduled for April 19, 2010.

Emmanuel Lara
Aggravated Battery Pregnant Person; Cruelty to Animals (9cts); Cause Cruel Death/Pain/Suffering
Details not known.
Defendant pled December 2009 and was sentenced to 15 years Department of Corrections and ordered to have a psych evaluation.

Christopher M Comins
Cruelty to Animals (2cts)
Defendant was videotaped as he shot 2 siberian huskies (w/the property owner's permission) that were allegedly attacking a baby calf near Lake Nona - video was posted on youtube. The dog owner lived several miles away and allegedly left the animals free to roam. At the status hearing on 4/14, defendant rejected the opportunity to plead to two misdemeanors. Trial is scheduled for 8/16/10.

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  1. Your dates for hearings are not updated.

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  3. That Comins video is disturbing and horrific! And, with all due respect, the blurb on the "Watch List" is quite misleading.

    You write: "def was videotaped shooting 2
    siberian huskies (w/their owner's permission) that were attacking a baby calf near Lake Nona - video was posted on youtube"

    I understand you cut it down, but the way you chose to abbreviate makes it sound like he had the dog owner's permission to shoot the dogs.

  4. Attention- your dates of hearings and trial are not updated. Your last info is August 2010, which is the past already.

  5. The updated list is on our website at

  6. some pepople shouldnt have pets

  7. Did Emmanuel Lara have a psych evaluation?

  8. Thats my the one that called the cops...i hate animal abuse. Yes he did have a psych eval.

    1. Shawna. No one wants to see your word vomit. Do the world a favor and rest in peace already. How can you say Mani is crazy and you hate animal abuse? You know what I hate?!!! Child abuse! Child neglect! You called the cops on Mani.. Ok. He was wrong. He's doing his time. He admitts he was wrong. But you??? Have u admitted how wrong you was? You are?... Your a sick, insecure, selfish and immature waste of human life. I hope you never get lil Mani back. You don't deserve to be responsible for human life.

    2. I dont know who posted this But it wasnt me. Obviously they did so all of you can post these things about me. I would never tell anyone about him or the situation like this. And as far as you looking up my record all you saw was that there was a case. I still have my child and i was never charged. His babysitter left him alone and bailed on me. I have since never left him with anyone. I dont know what you have against me but I didnt think anyone hated me that way that you guys do. Only Emmanuel and I know what really happened. I will never talk down on him to anyone and I know what part I had in the relationship. He isnt a bad guy and he has forgiven me just as i have him. He will be part of my sons life. But im surprised by all the mean comments.

  9. Hey Shawna, I'm an ex-friend of Emmanuels. I've been in contact with him since hes gone to prison, actually stopped all contact because, well, he's insane. I'd like to talk to you sometime if you'd be willing.

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    Child Neglect. This woman should be watched. I pray nothing happens to that child. I know our justice system is flawed- but I pray for the sake of this sweet child- it comes down hard on the disgusting garbage called Shawna Bingham.

    1. Hi I just wanted to talk to you could you email me?

    2. I'd rather not...I don't know what you could possibly want to talk about but I'll remain anonymous so long as you do. I happen to know Manni (Manny)..he's not a bad guy. I also come from a very voilent childhood, so I don't give Manny any excuses for his actions..but I understand he's misunderstood and very damaged...but he's not bad guy. Some of the events Shawna speaks of, some of the things Manny was sentenced for are constrewed, manipulated and just wrong. So how dare someone pretend to care about animals when they won't even care for their child. And shes now have now placed Lil Manny in the same cycle that big Manny grew up in and the domestic voilence/child neglect cycle continues..and its just sad..BC SHE can break the cycle and do better..SHE can be a better person, SHE can be happy.. I hope she does right by the Lil boy. I pray for her. I pray for Manny and I pray for that Lil boy. And if Manny ever reads this, I hope he knows...i miss you, i love you and ive never forgotten you and i never will. I've always cared and I always will. And I've already forgiven you. :) I miss you friend! Find me!

    3. Who are you? Disgusting garbage? That sweet child happens to be my son. And im a great mom despite what you feel and obviously know nothing about.

  15. Shawna.
    I read the report. He was wondering around and you were nowhere around. His bed was on the floor. His bed had no sheets and literally rotting garbage all around him and on the floor. You showed up. You cried and claimed you had only left for a little while to the store. But that was a lie.
    I don't care what story you have. I can only hope that with time and good people, you've blossomed into a woman and are now a good mom.
    I haven't spoken to Manny in some time. Last I knew. You hadn't talked to him since he'd been sentenced. I hope that has changed. And I hope you are letting him atleast attempt to be a father, considering his circumstances. I know it's hard. But I believed then just as much as I believe now. Manny is a good soul. He doesn't belong there. Hope he's well.

  16. The two most important days of your life. The day your born and the day you find out the reason why.

    Happy Birthday. 6-30-90. :) miss you bug!