Saturday, April 17, 2010

Whatever Happened to . . . ? #15

Back in November, the Orange County Clerk's office underwent a conversion to improve the availability of information in its computer system. As with any computer conversion, the road gets a bit bumpy at times. One enhancement is the ability to view document images as pdf files without having to pull the actual hard copies.

Unfortunately, however, important information on the myclerk public access is currently limited. Sentencing information is not as readily available as it once was.

CourtWatch has had to rely upon the efforts of staff members at the Clerk's office to aid us in obtaining this valuable information. Our deepest appreciation goes out to all those who've assisted us.

Randall Spencer
Defendant pled in November, 2009 to the charges highlighted in red below:
  • 2008-CF-005570-A-O (offense 9/20/08)
    Burglary of dwelling w/assault or battery; Burglary; Sexual Battery WDW/Physical force; Agg Assault WDW; False Imprisonment
  • 2008-CF-016163-A-O (offense 9/24/08)
    Sexual Battery; Burglary
  • 2008-CF-016419-A-O (offense 10/14/08)
    Kidnap w/Intent to Inflict Harm/Terror w/Weapon (2cts); Home Invasion Robbery (2cts); Att Sexual Battery w/Deadly Weapon/Force; Sexual Battery w/Deadly Weapon/Force (2cts); Kidnap w/Intent to Commit Felony (2cts); False Imprisonment (3cts); Possess Firearm by Convicted Felon
  • 2008-CF-005571-A-O (offense 10/23/08)
    Burglary; Sexual Battery WDW/Physical Force; False Imprisonment
Sentencing was once cancelled because defendant was on suicide watch. After graphic testimony from several victims, the sentencing was continued to enable defense witnesses to testify. On 2/25/10, Spencer was sentenced to 2 LIFE sentences + 30 years + 15 years, to be served consecutively. Kudos to Assistant State's Attorney Ryan Vescio and to Judge Tim Shea for putting Spencer away for good.

Christopher Brannon
Burglary w/Assault or Battery
We previously blogged about Brannon here
On March 12, 2010 he pled no contest to Trespass to an Occupied Structure, adjudication was withheld. He was sentenced to 12 days jail with credit for 12 days time served, 353 days probation, no contact with the victim, no return to scene of offense, pay restitution, and to complete the 26 week Batterer's Intervention Program.

Myrlaine Goudou
1st Degree Murder
Defendant pled to killing her boyfriend, Quisnel Moise. She was sentenced to 30 years in the Department of Corrections.
Marcal Graham
1st Degree Murder
Defendant was allegedly hired by Jessica Schambron to kill her boyfriend (robbery was allegedly the motive).
Graham was found not guilty by a jury on 4/13/10.
Charges were subsequently dropped against Schambron on 4/16/10.

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