Saturday, June 5, 2010

Whatever Happened to . . . ? #17


Belinda Holley Mills (left) 2010-MM-002717-A-O
Karen D Cerezo (right) 2010-MM-002717-B-O
Battery DV
Mills (a former OCSO deputy) and her friend Cerezo, allegedly assaulted Mills' ex-boyfriend who is Cerezo's ex-husband.
Both defendants were referred to the pretrial diversion program. If they complete what is required of them (which usually includes community service and/or any classes deemed appropriate), their cases will be dismissed.

Price Barthelus
Procuring Person<18 for Prostitution; Forcing/Coercing Another to Prostitution; Sex Trafficking; Assault
Defendant allegedly brought a teenage runaway from Miami to Orlando to sell her for sex.
No Information Notice was filed by the State Attorney's Office (charges dropped/abandoned).


Tanya Culver
2010-CF-000943-A (felony) reduced to misdemeanor
Aggravated Assault w/Deadly Weapon reduced to
Improper Exhibition of Weapon/Firearm; Resist Officer w/o Violence; Disorderly Intoxication
Defendant is an Apopka police officer who allegedly discharged her weapon at her husband. She subsequently showed up at a bar where he was after being released and was arrested for violation of pretrial release conditions in 2010MM003274A.
     She pled no contest to all misdemeanor counts in this case and was adjudicated guilty, sentenced to 1 year probation and ordered to not possess nor consume alcohol or controlled substances, undergo a mental health screening, have no violent contact with the victim, write apology letters to the law enforcement officer, complete a 12 week anger management class, a victim awareness class and a substance abuse class.
     In 2010MM003274A, she pled no contest to Violation of Pretrial Release Conditions in a Domestic Violence case and was sentenced to 12 months probation & to complete a chemical dependency evaluation.

Vincent Marchese
Cruelty Toward Child; Agg Flee/Attempt to Elude Causing Injury/Damage; Agg Assault Upon LEO; DWLS; Reckless Driving Causing Damage; Leave Scene of Crash w/Damage
Defendant allegedly abducted a friend's 3-yr old while she was receiving medical care at Altamonte Hospital - a 5 hour search resulted in his apprehension in Maitland. Defendant pled no contest and was sentenced to 46 months DOC in Orange Co for Att Burg of Occupied Dwelling & Petit Theft.
Defendant pled to all counts except Cruelty Toward Child (which was dismissed) and was sentenced in Seminole County to 6 years in the Department of Corrections, concurrent to any other sentences being served.

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