Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Whatever happened to . . . .? #31

I'm finally catching up on some dispositions.  Today, I'm featuring some child abuse related cases that were covered in the media at some point. 

Issac, Leshawna M
Agg Manslaughter of Child, Negelct of Child Causing Harm/Disability
Defendant allegedly drowned her newborn baby in a bathtub
Jury verdict – guilty.  Sentenced to 30 yrs DOC w/credit 74 days time served

Brumfield, Amanda Brooke
1st Deg Murder; Agg Child Abuse; Agg Manslaughter of Child
Defendant was babysitting a friend's child when the child fell, hit her head and later died - Defendant allegedly failed to seek immediate medical attention. Defendant was found guilty by jury of manslaughter.
Jury verdict - guilty of manslaughter.  Sentenced to 20 yrs DOC

Sampson, Shelton Jr
Agg Child Abuse
Defendant allegedly dangled his girlfriend’s infant (age 1) by her feet and put her arm in a pot of boiling water. The baby’s wrist & forearm were broken.
Pled no contest - adjudicated guilty.  Sentenced to 9 yrs DOC w/credit 1 yr 27 days time served

Hughley, Dionne Shaunte
Agg Assault on LEO w/Motor Vehicle; Agg Child Abuse (5cts); Culpable Negligence; False Imprisonment (2cts); False Imprisonment of Child<13yrs (3cts)
Defendant allegedly led deputies on a high-speed chase thru 3 jurisdictions with 5 children in her vehicle. One deputy was injured.
Pled no contest to Aggravated Flee & Attempt to Elude and 5 counts of Neglect of Child.  Sentenced to 18m DOC w/credit 2 days time served; 4 yrs probation.

Ford, Michelle Marie
Aggravated Child Neglect
Defendant's 7-mo old son was allegedly killed by his father Keith Skinner (2010CF13267AO). Defendant was charged because she allegedly knew of Skinner's abuse & failed to protect their son from his father.
Pled to Child Neglect & adjudicated guilty. Sentenced to 51 weeks jail w/credit 4 days time served; 4 yrs probation; 100 hours community service.  See previous blog here.

Toomes, James Clayton
Child Abuse
Defendant was an Altamonte Springs police officer who allegedly had sexual relations w/a 17-yr old girl
Pled no contest - adjudicated guilty.  Sentenced to 4 yrs probation.

Lopez, Gabriela Perez
Negelct of Child
A 1-yr old girl that defendant was babysitting was found wandering alone on Semoran Blvd in Winter Park.
No information notice filed.  Case dismissed.

Bivins, Travis
Interference w/custody
Defendant allegedly removed his ex-girlfriend's daughter from Lake Gem Elementary School & sent her threatening text messages after his ex told him she was planning to move away
No information notice filed.  Case dismissed.

Ricketts, Althea J
Agg Child Abuse
Defendant allegedly beat her son w/a cable because he had a facebook page. A friend had alerted the defendant to the page because the boy had posted that he might try to harm himself
No information notice filed.  Case dismissed.

Gohde, Charles W
Neglect Child w/o Great Harm
Defendant allegedly abandoned his 4-mo old in bushes for 2 hrs near Universal Studios while he looked for the mother.
Nolle prossed (i.e., charges dropped).


  1. On Case # 2010-CF-003635-A-0, are any other cases set on the docket for hearing AS OF 10/31/2111. I remember this from a news broadcast. This case needs to have a letter sent by you to the Judge presiding on why this judge accepted the verdict, when the judge should have overturned the jury ruling.

    Secondly, in Case # 2011-CF-011016-A-0, I have not heard of this case until now o 10/31/2011. This case also needs to have a letter sent by you to the Judge presiding on why this judge accepted the verdict, when the judge should have overturned the jury ruling. Both of the verdicts are shameful and injustice. How can you help?

  2. In the Ricketts case, the State Attorney's office opted not to file formal charges (also known as the Information). They have to have enough evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt (a very high burden of proof because you're potentially taking away someone's freedom by putting them in jail). I'm not privy to the details of the case (only what was reported in the media), but it would appear as though they didn't have the evidence they needed.

    On the Gohde case, they did file formal charges, but the case was later dropped by the State Attorney's Office. The most common reason is a missing/uncooperative victim/witness. This case never went before a jury & there was never a conviction. Nolle Prossed (or nolle prosequi) means the State chose not to proceed at this time. Most of the time, it's done & over with. Sometimes they re-file if new evidence comes up or a witness becomes available. If the defendant's right to a speedy trial is at issue, the State sometimes nolle prosses the case and refiles later when they've got all the evidence they need.

    In both cases, the judge had nothing to do with the disposition.

    Hope this helps!