Thursday, October 27, 2011

Whatever happened to . . . ? #32

The following defendants were all charged with sexually motivated offenses in Orange County:

Thomas, Timothy
Att Sexual Battery w/Firearm; Burglary; Robbery w/Firearm; False Imprisonment
Defendant & co-Defendant Maxwell are allegedly responsible for several violent home invasions & rapes in west Orange Co.  
Defendant was adjudicated guily by jury all counts and sentenced to LIFE DOC for Burglary & Robbery w/Firearm, 30 yrs DOC for Att Sexual Battery w/Weapon, and 15 yrs DOC for False Impirsonment; counts to run concurrently.  Defendant received credit for 223 days time served.

Girtman, George W
Sexual Battery WDW; Robbery w/Firearm; Burglary of Dwelling w/Assault/Battery
DNA evidence identified defendant as the "Malibu Rapist" who allegedly terrorized as many as 100 victims in the 1980s, shortly after being released on parole after serving 7 yrs of a 45 yr sentence for a 1976 rape in Seminole Co.
Defendant pled no contest to Counts 1&3; Count 2 was dropped. Defendant was sentenced to 2 concurrent LIFE terms.

Alves, Marcelo Augusto
Sexual Battery WDW/Phys Force (5cts); False Imprisonment; Agg Assault WDW; Tamper w/Witness
Defendant, a VCC website manager, allegedly lured a woman he met on internet to a vacant house in Dr Philips area where he assaulted her..
Defendant was found guilty by jury of all counts and sentenced to LIFE in DOC.

Snavely, James
Sexual Battery WDW; Armed Burglary of Dwelling w/Firearm; Agg Assault WDW; Intimidate/Threaten Victim; Commit or Facilitate Commission of Felony.
Defendant is accused of raping his neighbor w/knife and was cutting chunks of his own hair out when deputies found him.
Pled no contest and was adjudicated guilty of counts 1&2.  No action taken on counts 3-5.  Sentenced to 30 yrs DOC w/credit 3 yrs 156 days time served.

Garcia, Jean
Lewd/Lascivious Battery (2cts); Travel to Meet Minor for Unlawful Sex Act
Defendant allegedly assaulted a 12-yr old girl he met at Fort Wilderness Lodge
Pled no contest all three counts.  Sentenced to 8 yrs DOC w/credit 704 days time served.

Huffman, David Michael
Lewd/Lascivious Exhibition
Defendant, a homeless sex offender, allegedly flashed a girl <16 yrs old at an Ocoee Wal-Mart
Defendant pled no contest and was adjudicated guilty, and sentenced to 6 years DOC with credit for 219 days time served; 9 yrs probation.

Perez, Eric
Possess Material Depicting Sexual Performance by Child (5cts) 
Defendant allegedly had multiple videos of child porn, including movies of children as young as 2 yrs old
Defendant pled no contest and was adjudicated guilty all counts, sentenced to 5 yrs probation.

Heaukulani, Joel Robert Keone
Video Voyeurism Subsq Offense
Defendant allegedly used a cellphone to peek under the skirt of a 10-yr old girl at a Wal-Mart store
Pled no contest and was adjudicated guilty.  Defendant was sentenced to 30 days jail w/credit 14 days time served; 36 months probation; no contact with victim; no return to scene; no unsupervised contact w/ any female<18yrs; submit to DNA testing; submit to psychosexual evaluation and treatment; and ordered not to possess pornography.

Smith, Aleisea Nichai
Human Trafficking; Sex Trafficking; Kidnap w/Intent to Inflict Harm/Terror w/Weapon (5cts); Kidnap w/Intent to Commit Felony (2cts); Sexual Battery; Procure Person<18 for Prostitution; Force Another into Prostitution; Derive Proceeds of Prostitution
Defendant & co-defendant Timothy Smith allegedly kidnapped a 15-yr old from a bus stop in 2007 and forced her into prostitution
Pled no contest to sex trafficking & adjudicated guilty; all other counts nolle prossed.  Defendant was sentenced to 1 yr 14 days jail with credit for same time served; 24 months probation; substance abuse treatment.

Buckley, Alan
Defendant allegedly took photos under a woman's skirt at a store, claiming he was not "thinking right" because his child was in the hospital
Pled no contest and adjudicated guitly.  Sentenced to 1 day jail w/credit for 1 day time served, 360 days probation, and 100 hours community service.

Comer, Andrae
Video Voyeurism
Defendant, an employee of Express at the Mall at Millenia, allegedly snapped pictures of women undressing in a store fitting room
Defendant pled no contest and was adjudicated guilty, sentenced to 12 months probation, 50 hours community service, undergo a mental health evaluation & any treatment, forbidden to use video equipment, and to write an apology letter.  Judge Jewett also noted that no early termination of probation would be permitted.

Rodrigues, Agostinho Loiola-Mar
Lewd/Lascivious Molestation (6cts);  Sexual Activity w/Child
Defendant was an Edgewater High School teacher & soccer coach who allegedly had sexual relations with a 14-yr old student.
Jury verdict - not guilty

Gifford, Irving Lee Jr
Sexual Battery; Burglary w/Assault or Battery
Defendant, a hotel worker, allegedly used a master key to enter victim's room and rape her
No information notice filed, case dropped.

Postell, Montavius
Sex Trafficking; Lewd/Lascivious Act in Presence of Child<16; False Imprisonment; Direct/Transport for Prostitution; Derive Support from Prostitution; Procure Another for Prostitution
Defendant is one of 12 co-defendants who allegedly sexually assaulted a 15-yr old runaway and forced another 15-yr old to prostitution.
No information notice filed, case dropped.

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