Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Whatever happened to . . . ? #37

Jordan, Rodrick
Sexual Battery (coerces victim) 2cts
Defendant was found guilty of a 1996 rape after DNA evidence linked him to the attack
Defendant was adjudicated guilty by jury of one count and sentenced to LIFE DOC w/credit 41 days time served

Smallwood, George Herman Jr
Sexual Battery Vic<12; L/L Molestation Child<12 (2cts); Sexual Activity w/child (2cts); L/L Molestations (2cts); Use Child in Sexual Performance
Defendant allegedly raped a child for 2 yrs and claimed a demon made him do it.
Defendant pled no contest to Sexual Activity w/Child (2cts) & Lewd/Lascivious Molestation (2cts) and was sentenced to 20 years DOC w/credit 322 days time served;to be followed by 38 years probation

Garcon, Guytembert
Lewd Act in Presence of Child
Defendant is one of 12 who allegedly sexually assaulted a 15-yr old runaway and forced another 15-yr old to prostitution.
Defendant pled guilty to L/L Battery and sentenced to 10 years DOC w/credit 224 days time served.

Chisena, Dale Pietro Jr
Possess Material Depicting Sexual Performance by Child (50 cts)
Defendant's father taught 2nd grade at Lovell Elementary School for 33 years. They allegedly had over 1,000 child porn images on their computer, some appearing to be infant girls.
Pled no contest to 3 counts, all; other counts were nolle prossed.  Defendant was sentenced to 3 years DOC w/credit for 1 day time served; 5 years probation & was designated as a sex offender.

Thomas, David
Sexual Activity w/child; L/L Battery; L/L Molestation
Defendant allegedly touched a 13-yr old boy in a wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon (see also 09CF10525) Defendant was found guilty after jury trial of L/L Molestation in 2009CF10525 and sentenced to 2y DOC + 5y prob in that case
Defendant pled no contest to L/L Molestation and was sentenced to 24 months DOC w/credit 727 days time served; 5 years probation.

Pfaender, Richard Emerson
L/L Exhibition; Burglary of Occupied Dwelling; Att Sexual Battery 
Defendant allegedly stalked and followed a 15-yr old boy into the boy's home, removed his own clothing, and was quickly apprehended by the boy's father who returned home
Defendant pled no contest to Burglary and was sentenced to 15 months DOC w/credit 215 days time served; 5 years probation; ordered to undergo substance abuse evaluation & rehab.

Mangune, Michael
Travel to Meet a Minor; Use Computer for Child Exploitation
Defendant allegedly agreed online to teach sex acts to a 14-yr old girl at the request of her "mother"
Defendant pled to use of computer for child exploitation and was sentenced to 2 days jail w/credit 2 days time served; 18 months community control; 3 years probation.

Brookins, Wilbert
Sexual Battery Physically Helpless; Theft of Credit Card; Petit Theft
Defendant, a reservation clerk for Disney, allegedly lured a single mother to Central Florida with offiers of free park passes & bargain rate for hotel room, spent the day with her & later attempted to rape her after she fell asleep in the room
Defendant was acquitted by a jury

Maldonado, Damian E
L/L Molestation Vic 12-15yrs old (9 cts); Att L/L Conduct (15 cts); L/L Exhibition (2cts); False Imprisonment; Battery DV offense date 12/1/09
Defendant is an Army recruiter who allegedly ordered a female recruit to partially disrobe for a body fat inspection & forced her to commit oral sex in 2010CF8555
Defendant was acquitted by jury Counts 1-7; no action was taken on other counts

Cabane, Utchey
Sexual Battery; Child Abuse; Contrib to Delinq of Minor; Inflict Bodily Harm/Terrorize Victim
Defendant allegedly luried a girl who was on her way to the bus stop into his car and molested her after promising a ride
No information notice filed – case dropped.

Vargas, Jason
Travel to Meet a Minor
Defendant allegedly agreed online to teach sex acts to a 14-yr old girl at the request of her "mother"
No information notice filed – case dropped.

Balderas, Roldolfo
Sexual Assault Victim>12; Battery
Defendant, a transient, allegedly attempted to rape a woman behind a shopping center at Kirkman & Colonial
No information notice filed – case dropped.

Urich, Richie
L/L Conduct
Defendant allegedly abuducted an 11-yr old Clearwater girl and brought her to Orlando where the L/L conduct occurred
Case nolle prossed.

Quillen, Paul Joseph
Solicitation of Minor via Computer (3cts); Travel to Meet Minor
Defendant is a Georgia firefighter who allegedly solicited what he thought was the father of two girls (ages 11 & 13) for sex
Dismissed - Defendant deceased

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