Thursday, January 5, 2012

Whatever happened to . . . ? #38

Today we're featuring Orange County domestic violence & child abuse/neglect cases that were featured in the media:

Ward, James Robert ("Bob")
2nd Degree Murder w/Firearm
Defendant was convicted by a jury of killing his wife in their Isleworth home
Defendant was sentenced to 30 years DOC (25 years minimum mandatory) with crecit for 102 days time served.  Click here for previous blog about the first bond hearing in this case.

Stewart, Justin Lee
1st Deg Murder; LSOA w/Injury
Defendant allegedly ran over and killed a woman in a hit-and-run road-rage incident after an argument at a nightclub. Defendant's mother Randi Joy Abrams, pled no contest to attempting to cover up evidence relating to the vehicle (2009-CF-013322-B-O). Not sure if this case was DV related.
Pled no contest to Attempted Manslaughter w/ Weapon & Leaving Scene of Accident w/Death, and sentenced to 15 years DOC w/credit 2 yrs 84 days time served.

Freeman, Keira
2nd Degree Murder
Defendant allgedly stabbed her fiance to death
Pled guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 12 years DOC w/credit 1 year 9 days time served.

Gibson, Louis Jean
Arson of Structure Known/Believed to be Occupied 
Defendant allegedly set a mattress on fire in his family's apartment because he was upset at a guest living in the apartment.
Pled to Attempted Arson and sentenced to 180 days jail w/credit 40 days time served; 29 years & 6 months probation.

Whitted, Benjamin
Defendant was shot by a deputy when he allegedly refused to stop strangling his girlfriend. Defendant's injuries were not life threatening.
Defendant was acquitted by a jury

Donaldson, Jahlea L
Burglary of Dwelling w/Aggravated Assault WDW; Intro Contraband into Correctional Facility
Defendant, her sister & a friend allegedly assaulted her sister's ex-boyfriend inside his apartment w/a broken bottle of hot sauce
Case nolle prossed

Malofsky, Louis
Robbery w/Firearm; Agg Assault WDW; Battery
Defendant, an off-duty OCSO deputy, allegedly beat a man who had a relationship with his adult daughter
No information notice filed – case dropped

Thornton, Stanley
Home Invasion Robbery w/mask; Battery; False Imprisonment
Defendant allegedly pretended to be a flower delivery person & assaulted the victim in this 2004 Windermere case. Former Police Chief Daniel Saylor never investigated the FDLE DNA hit in 2007.
No information notice filed – case dropped

Lewis, Jessica M
Cruelty Toward Child Abuse w/o Great Harm
Defendant allegedly beat her 22-mo old child at the Magic Kingdom because he would not walk properly
Pled no contest, adjudication was withheld.  Defendant was sentenced to 1 day jail with credit 1 day time served, 18 months probation and 100 hours of community service.

Garcia, Elvin
Agg Child Neglect
Defendant's 18-mo old child was spotted drinking beer in the front yard while defendant was allegedly passed out
No information notice filed – case dropped

Tato, Elizabeth
Neglect of Child
Defendant's 11-yr old son was allegedly left inside her car for more than an hour as it was repossessed while she was gambling at a strip mall
No information notice filed – case dropped

Thomas, Ashley
Neglect of Child
Defendant's 3-yr old son was found wandering the hallway of a motel while she allegedly went to a liquor store for at least 2 hrs.
No information notice filed – case dropped

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  1. Louis Malofsky was wrongfully accused. The state attorney dismissed the case and the case has been expunged by the court. Pictures and any information on this case 2011-cf-005323-
    A-O should be removed.