Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Whatever happened to . . . ? #39

You may be wondering "whatever happened to Laura & the blog?"

I've been contending with a back injury dating back to November from which I'm still trying to recover. Hence the infrequent posts and even less frequent trips to the courthouse. Those benches are not very kind to a bad back you know :)

Nevertheless, here are dispositions from the last couple of months of some Orange County media cases:

Isalgue, Eligio
1st Degree Murder w/Firearm (2cts); Burg of Dwelling w/Assault or Battery
Defendant allegedly shot his estranged wife of 20 yrs & her new boyfriend while their 13-yr old daughter & a friend of hers were in the apartment.
Defendant was found guilty by jury and sentenced to 2 consecutive LIFE sentences.

Bradley, Roosevelt II
1st Deg Murder, Agg Child Abuse
Defendant's 8-mo son died after unsupervised visit with defendant - the child's twin sister was unharmed. Trial in Dec 2010 resulted in mistrial due to hung jury.
Defendant was found guilty by jury and sentenced to LIFE in the Department of Corrections.

Pappas, Joel
Sexual Battery WDW (2cts); Burglary of Dwelling w/Assault or Battery; Robbery
Defendant was arrested in Seminole Co in connection with several rapes near UCF.
Defendant was found guilty by jury and sentenced to LIFE in the Department of Corrections.

Smzuc, Lori
L/L Battery (3cts); L/L Molestation (3cts); L/L Conduct; Use of Child Sex Perf
Defendant (age 43) allegedly raped a 13-yr old boy at her house, asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend, and made numerous demands upon him
Defendant was sentenced to 4y DOC, 10y sex offender probation; and ordered to have no contact with the victim.  Another case (2011-CF-015175-A-O) wherein Smzuc is charged with Aggravated Stalking of a Minor, is pending.

Rains, Paul David
Possess Child Pornography (10cts)
Defendant is a former TSA employee at OIA who confessed to downloading images of children 5-11 years old.
Defendant pled no contest to 7 counts and was sentenced to 51 weeks jail, 4 yrs probation; 200 hours community service, and ordered to not interact w/children<18.

Hoffman, Rick Lenn
Agg Stalking of Minor<16 (6cts); Follow/Harrass/Cyberstalk; Fail to Leave Property Upon Order by Owner (2cts); Battery
Defendant was apprehended by citizens & a child's mother outside the Russian Academy of Ballet when they noticed him watching & taking pictures of girls at the school
Defendant pled no contest to Battery, Trespass (2cts) & Disorderly Conduct and was sentenced to 180 days jail.

Simons, Shannon Ronell
Kidnap w/Intent to Inflict Harm/Terror w/Weapon; Agg Battery GBH
Defendant allegedly kidnapped his girlfriend & beat her with a rake
Defendant pled to Aggravated Battery Great Bodily Harm and was sentenced to 102 days jail w/credit 102 days time served; 5 years probation.

Fowlkes, Guy Swindell
Battery DV
Defendant was initially found not competent for allegedly igniting some explosives at a fireworks tent as part of an altercation with his pregnant girlfriend in 2011CF8389
He pled no contest and was sentenced to 53 days jail w/credit 53 days time served; 312 days probation; BIP; and to have no contact with victim.

Leonard, Kendra R
Neglect of child
Defendant allegedly left her 14-mo old daughter alone in her crib for 7 hours while she went to Universal Orlando. Defendant was put on 2-yrs probation 10/08 for child neglect, admitted to violating probation 3/09 and had her probation reinstated.
Defendant pled no contest in this case and was sentenced to 1 week jail, 6 months community control, 24 months probation, 50 hours community service; and to attend drug/alcohol school.

Thomas, Leslie Ann
Battery; Contrib to Delinq/Depend of Minor (2cts); Trespass on School Grounds; Interfere w/School Admin Functions
Defendant allegedly assaulted a child that was bullying her child at Lockhart Middle School.
Defendant pled guilty to Counts 1-4 and was sentenced to 1 day jail & 360 days probation.

Laster, Delores Richardson
1st Degree Murder
Defendant allegedly shot her husband in 1988 & was arrested 3/09
Defendant was acquitted by jury

Henry, John Peter
L/L Battery
Defendant is one of 12 who allegedly sexually assaulted a 15-yr old runaway and forced another 15-yr old to prostitution.
Defendant was acquitted by jury

Burns, Allen Robert Jr
2010-CF-008584-A-O & 2010-CF-000853-A-O
Sexual Battery (3cts); Kidnap w/Intent to Commit Felony
Defendant is a bondsman who allegedly threatened to revoke a client's bond unless she had sex with him
Defendant was acquitted by jury

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