Sunday, April 8, 2012

Whatever happened to . . . ? #41

Here are some Seminole County cases that were resolved within the past few months:

Kent, Jerel
2010 CF 003649A
Kidnapping; Att Sexual Battery
Defendant was apprehended by several patrons at Shakers Loungs in Casselberry after he allegedly attempted to rape a woman
Defendant was found guilty by a jury; 40 years DOC

Myers, Scott
2010 CF 003262A
2nd Deg Murder; Grand Theft Motor Vehicle
Defendant allegedly murdered his girlfriend of 2 months in her home after she attempted to end the relationship
Defendant pled no contest and was sentenced to 35 years DOC + 15 years probation.

Boone, Kimberly
2009 CF 002127A
Att 1st Degree Murder (2cts); Arson
Defendant allegedly set her home on fire in an attempt to kill her husband who had threatened to leave her if she embezzled from her employer.
Defendant was convicted by a jury of attempted 2nd degree murder and arson.  She was sentenced to a total of 35 years DOC, 10 years probation, and ordered to have no contact with the victim.

Thomas, Jeff
2009 CF 003965A
1st Degree murder w/firearm
Defendant was a corrections officer who was seen allegedly shooting his girlfriend, another corrections officer, on SR46 in Geneva; Defendant was shot by a deputy
Defendant pled to 2nd Degree murder and was sentenced to 25 years DOC.

Woller, Joseph
2011 CF 001144A
Sexual Battery Vic>12 (3cts); Travel to Meet Minor for Sex; Use Computer to Solicit/Lure Minor; Infect Person w/HIV w/o Informed Consent
Defendant allegedly met a 13 yr old boy on craigslist and assaulted him at Secret Lake Park in Casselberry
Defendant pled no contest and was sentenced to 10 years DOC.

Wilson, Earl
2010 CF 003123A
Arson of Dwelling (2cts); Att 2nd Deg Murder (4cts)
Defendant allegedly set fire to his girlfriend’s home, which burned to the ground, after threatening her & another man with a machete when he discovered another man there.
Defendant pled to arson and the attempted murder charges were dropped.  He was sentenced to 3 yrs DOC; 10 yrs prob; ordered to write an apology letter; consume no drugs; have no contact with the victims and undergo a substance abuse evaluation.

Glenn, Quinten
2011 CF 001216A
Cruelty Toward Child; Agg Battery on Child
Defendant allegedly beat his girlfriend's 2-yr old son, causing a laceration on his liver, fractured arm, broken rib & multiple abrasions
Defendant pled no contest to aggravated child abuse and was sentenced to 3 years DOC, 10 years probation, anger management class, mental health evaluation, no contact with victims and have no unsupervised contact with children.  This was a downward departure sentence.

Dauphinais, Marc
2010 MM 009121A
Defendant (a Lake Mary HS teacher) allegedly grabbed a 17-yr old female student's buttocks in his classroom
Defendant pled no contest and was sentenced to 12 months probation, complete a victim awareness class, have no contact with the victim; relinquish teaching certificate; refrain from entering any educational facility; have no unsupv contact w/ children<18 yrs old; and to submit DNA.

Fahr, Gene
2011 CF 004148A
Agg Battery Person 65+ old (DV); Att Murder DV; Shoot Missile Into Dwelling; Tamper/Intimidate/Threaten Victim; Use Firearm Under Influence of Alcohol
Defendant, age 51, allegedly sprayed pepper spray into his ailing mother's room, took her phone, and shot the
Defendant pled no contest to Shooting into Bldg/Vehicle & Using Firearm under the influence.  He was sentenced to 3 years probation and ordered to undergo substance abuse evaluation/treatment; have no violent contact w/victim; and forfeit firearm.

Cooper, James
2011 CF 004415A
Neglect of Child Cause Great Harm
A 3-mo old child that defendant was babysitting was allegedly submerged and nearly drowned. Defendant appeared to be drunk when the mother went to pick the baby up.
Defendant pled no contest & adjudication was withheld.  He was sentenced to 5 years probation; ordered to complete a 6-week parenting class, drug screening, and to have no unsupervised contact with children<10 yrs old.

Tomasello, Eric
2011 CF 002964A
Unauthorized Access to Computer/Network; Stalking
Defendant is a Casselberry police officer who allegedly stalked his ex-girlfriend & her new boyfriend by using his police credentials to research info on computer reserved for police business. He rec'd pretrial diversion for a 2009 DV assault in Orange Co.
Case was nolle prossed.

The following cases had “no information filed,” meaning the State chose not to pursue prosecution:

Hamilton, Luther
2012 CF 000050A
Sexual Assault Vic<12
Defendant allegedly had sexual contact with a child while her mother was in the next room of the home

Spector, Joel
2011 MM 009220A & 2011 MM 009434A
Battery DV & Violation of Pretrial Release Conditions on DV case
Defendant was terminated as a PE assistant at Wilson Elementary after he allegedly grabbed his 18-yr old daughter's arm during an argument

Chase, Rebecca
2011 CF 005352A
Agg Assault WDW
Defendant, an exceptional-ed teacher at LMHS, allegedly pointed a .44 caliber gun at her boyfriend in their home

Shambaugh, Michael
2011 MM 012217A
Battery DV
Defendant, an OCSO deputy, allegedly assaulted his wife at their Lake Mary home


  1. Michael J. Shambaugh
    Demmings did nothing

  2. Laura,

    My picture is still on your blog; please remove it. My arrest was brought before the court and I was not adjudicated guilty of a criminal offense or a comparable ordinance violation nor adjudicated delinquent for committing a felony or a misdemeanor specified in section 943.05(3)(b), Florida Statutes. No indictment or information was ever filed in this case. The court dismissed the indictment filed against me. It was ordered that the petition to expunge was hereby granted. All court records pertaining to the case shall be sealed in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.692.It was also ordered that the Sanford Police Department and Seminole County Sheriff's office shall expunge all information concerning my arrest or criminal record regarding this case in accordance set forth in section 943.0585, Florida Statutes, and Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.692. The order was done and ordered in Chambers at Seminole County, Florida on the 7th day of February, 2013 from the honorable Circuit Judge, Honorable John D. Galluzzo. Please remove my picture from this blog. I do respect and honor the things you are doing to keep our community safe. Sincerely, Rebecca Chase

  3. As someone who came upon this site largely by accident I find it's stated objective at odds with what I see and read "It's my fervent desire to help victims of family violence and sexual assault (as well as their children) be safe."
    The motivation of your own tragedy should not, in its quest to keep others safe, cause harm to others who have not been convicted by your courts. You run the real risk of causing entirely unnecessary and avoidable damage to other lives.
    I don't live in the USA btw, but the UK, however the principle that we all deserve protection is universal

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