Thursday, April 5, 2012

Whatever happened to. . . ? #40

The following Orange County cases had “no information filed,” which means that the State chose not to pursue a prosecution.

Santos, Jonathan
Att 2nd Deg Murder
Defendant allegedly tried to throw his wife off the balcony during an argument

Luckey, Kevin
Agg Battery Pregnant Person
Defendant allegedly burned his pregnant girlfriend with a  cigarette to her face because she talked to another man

Jones, Jennifer
Neglect of Child
Defendant was arrested after she left her 14-mo old son for 6 hours to pay off a drug deal

Castell, Bertram
Cruelty Toward Child
Defendant allegedly beat his 13-yr old son over bad grades, leaving him with 2 black eyes and a knot on the back of his head

Pascual, Gisela Aimee
Agg Child Abuse
Defendant allegedly beat her 10-yr old on the legs, rear & back for not doing homework

Frano, Felix
Child Neglect (5cts)
Frano, Blake
Child Neglect (3cts)
Frano, Kelly
Child Neglect (2cts)

Code Enforcement condemned the trailer where co-defendants and 13 other people, 10 of which were children, were living in squalor

Beeston, Jermaine A
Armed Kidnapping; Agg Assault w/Firearm (2cts); Tampering w/Witness; Battery (DV)
Defendant allegedly abducted his ex-girlfriend at gunpoint and took her to his home where they were awakened by SWAT. Defendant has numerous previous DV-related felony arrests, w/no convictions.

Donberg, Jonathan Leslie
Burglary of Dwelling w/Assault; Sexual Battery
Defendant allegedly forced his way into his ex-girlfriend's home & raped her

Smith, Rayshell Lavone
Written Threat to Kill/Injure
Defendant allegedly sent death threats to an 8th grader, a classmate of her daughter, via Facebook

Mosley, Octavius Varian
Sexual Battery; Att Unlicensed Practice of Health Care Professional
Defendant, while employed at Planet Beach, allegedly inappropriately touched two customers during a massage

Jordan, Willie
Agg Assault WDW; Battery
Defendant allegedly threatened his brother with a rifle after which he surrendered peacefully to hostage negotiators

Sidders, Danny
Defendant, an OPD officer, is charged with beating his girlfriend & locking her out of their home

Allen, Kameron Jerome
Cause Bodily Harm
Defendant was allegedly shot during a domestic dispute with Tiffany McKnight on Valentine's Day (2012MM000074AE)

McNight, Tiffany
Cause Bodily Harm
Defendant allegedly shot Kameron Allen during a domestic dispute on Valentine's Day (2012MM000075AE)

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